Why Does Pressure Washer Keep Cutting Out? 4 Easy Steps To Avoid It!

Why does pressure washer keep cutting out? It’s due entirely to what you do with it. Don’t press the nozzle as you turn the power washer motor, and it does its cycle.

Pressure accumulates through the pump, engaging the switch turning off.  After you press the nozzle and a release in pressure occurs, the controller also disengages, and the pump turns on afterward.

Why does pressure washer keep cutting out

This is unique in the most electric forms of a power washer and repeats itself after releasing the button. A pressure washer is a valuable tool to complement any home, mainly making tidying up and cleaning easier. Motor power is enough to complete the job at home with no experience with loud noises or poisonous fumes from a gas washer. This is just an overview, so you better read further!


Understanding A Pressure Washer

The pressure washer is a helpful device for washing at extreme pressure; that’s why it comes up to its name as it also utilizes a motor that pumps out soap and water at high speed. This way, a hammering pressure produces to clean and dislodge any debris on the surface. Most pressure washers can bring about an estimated 750 to 30,000 psi pressure. The pressure washer helps clear out chewing gum, mud, and loose paint from areas and objects requiring pressurized cleaning. It allows the industry to quickly require high-speed and thorough cleaning, such as industrial cleaners, recreations, parks, construction sites, and car washes.


Pressure Washers And Their Types

The pressure washer helps carry various applications, and it comes in different types as follow:


#1. Hot water type of pressure washer

Niche industries require a hot water type of pressure washer, particularly those that demand cleaning oily and greasy equipment. This can shoot up jets to reach temperatures up to three-hundred eleven degrees as it washes, and items dry to save more effort and time.


#2. Coldwater type of pressure washer

This type of pressure washer doesn’t need much, plus it’s easier when used, only it has to be hooked up in an outlet, and it’s good to go.


#3. Gas pressure washer

This is a standard valuable pressure washer in industrial applications. It has a complete range of power as the motor utilizes gasoline being its energy source. Things can make it a poor choice, like the noise from the engine, including its fumes.

You may also want to read about how to start a gas pressure washer and how to drain gas from pressure washer.


#4. Electric pressure washer

This pressure washer type is valuable to use when cleaning the household, suitable for washing down the exterior walls, cleaning the garage, and removing debris in the driveway. It comes with a short power output considering its energy source. These are four pressure washers in different sizes and forms, relying on the features and attachments. The larger models have a wheelset to make carrying pressure washers easier and the electric pressure washer utilizes a backstrap rather than a wheel since it has no fuel container to be pushed around.


Things To Do And Avoid In Using Pressure Washer

So, you should know what you should do and avoid as you know why does pressure washer keep cutting out. Learn how to maintain the pressure washer and why the pressure washer keeps cutting out. Here are the following:



  • Utilize garden hose when connecting a washer contraption to a water supply.
  • Carry out regular maintenance to check the motor and capacitors for further damages.
  • Spot checks before using a washer and see if the various connectors are tight and the hose includes O-ring in the connection.
  • Check for debris in a nozzle, including a garden hose, as the water will flow while spraying.
  • Plug the electric pressure washer into the power outlet to get adequate power.



  • Do not use the extension cord when you power an electric washer, as it increases the possibility of electrocution. Poor connection between an extension cord and a washer cord causes severe malfunction, leading to the device’s irreparability and inconvenience in the outlet.
  • Do not forget to check the leaks as the device is running, as this avoids fluid to back down to the pump, flooding, and eventually cutting your power off.
  • Do not use an electric pressure washer if you see it rains unless you seal the electrical cords already with water.


Steps To Avoid Shutting Off Of A Pressure Washer

Below are essential steps to consider avoiding shutting off of a pressure washer.


Step #1. Parching the hands

Ensure to dry your hands properly and dry the connections too; they should not touch the ground and wear some rubber gloves.


Step #2. Turning off the electricity

Turn off the pressure’s washer electricity and avoid any electrical issues with working using a pressure washer.


Step #3. Inspecting the air filter

Inspect the filter if there is any blockage as clogging causes the pressure washers’ cut off because of buildup in pressure and continues to the next step if there is no clogging.


Step #4. Ensuring an unloader valve is working

Ensure the unloader valve is working that if it cuts off again, it’s due to an unloader valve not working correctly. It may be helpful to read about how to adjust unloader valve on pressure washer.


It’s A Wrap!

Why does pressure washer keep cutting out is due to what you do with it, so remember the things to do and avoid doing with the device. Please follow the steps to avoid shutting off a pressure washer.

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