Why Does My Water Heater Make Noise? 3 Interesting Reasons!

Why does my water heater make noise? Some probable causes can answer this question: the tank contains mineral deposits and sediments, poor water flow, frequent water pressure changes, condensed and leaky tanks, and issues with the heating element condition and water supply source.

You will hear a rumble, pop, a hum, a crack, and light sizzle sound. If you still use a noisy heater, it will cause you to experience a nightmare.

Why does my water heater make noise

If you encounter an issue with the water heater, first understand the noises, their meaning, and how to fix them. In this article, we’ll do all that. So, without further ado, let’s start!


Different Noises A Water Heater Make

Here are the noises to watch out for when using a water heater.


#1. Screeching sounds

When you hear a screeching sound, it signifies that the water flow is restricted. It would help if you blamed the valve that is not entirely open and it is easy to fix it by checking the valve and making sure it is fully open.


#2. Popping noises

Many mineral deposits are built up inside the water tank if you hear popping noises in the water heater. If the water traps under the buildup, it’s when sounds and pockets of air pop up and fix the problem as you flush the water heater every year. Hire an expert plumbing service that will offer tune-up, water heater repair, maintenance, and installation service, and remember that this noise can affect the amount of hot water in your home. If this problem becomes more serious, the sediment will cause overheating in the water heater, causing further damage to the internal components and decreasing the water system’s lifespan and the popping sound could result in leaks and cracks in the water heater tank.


#3. Sizzling sounds

That sizzling sound clearly shows that water is leaking into the tank, as it occurs, especially if the water drips in the burner. If there is a water or water heater sound around the heater’s base, it is about time to contact an expert plumbing service.


#4. Humming sounds

If you hear a humming noise from a water heater, it could be a loose heating component. If you do not keep it appropriately tightened, it will soon vibrate in the standard operation, plus it will create such noticeable noise. So, it’s an excellent suggestion to call for assistance when facing this problem.


Reasons Why A Water Heater Make Noise

Below are the possible reasons why does my water heater make noise:


#1. Mineral deposits accumulate

If you’re in a place with hard water, the tank would often build up mineral deposits as the water traps various kinds of materials as it moves to your house. These can include calcium carbonate and magnesium but good thing they won’t harm your health.


#2. Faulty heating component

A water heater creates a humming noise because of the heating component above and underneath the heater. If the cold water continues with the tank and moves throughout the unit, the above section will wiggle and create a sound. The humming will frustrate everyone, but it won’t cause wreckage in the components or the heater as it is suitable to fix the problem and tighten the heating component.


#3. Leaks and condensation

The leaks in the heater can make noises if this is a problem with your unit; it’s when you hear a sizzling sound, as this is true if you turn the burner off. Solve this problem by asking for the services of a local plumber. Search for a spot with a puddle if you cannot see the leaky heater. Moreover, condensation is one probable cause why the gas water heater makes a sizzling sound, and the water droplets inside the tank will land in the unit’s burner. If it is heated, it then sizzles immediately after the water has touched it.


How Will You Solve This Issue?

Solve this issue of why does my water heater makes noise with effort and seek the help of an expert plumber so you can find the right solution. Do not delay this fix, or else you will pay for excessive water and energy bills and remember that hot water is part of daily comfort, but plumbing experts’ help is enough to fix the water heater issue as it makes noise. The good thing is you can expect the team to provide plumbing services in the broken water lines, malfunctioning sump pumps, and clogged drains that you only need to schedule an appointment to get support. You may also want to read about replacing a water heater before it fails.


It’s A Wrap!

The question, “Why does my water heater make noise?” has already been answered. It is because of issues with the mineral deposits that accumulate, faulty heating components, leaks, and condensation. But it’s good news that you can solve it by asking for help from plumbing service providers. Be watchful if you hear noises such as sizzling sounds, humming sounds, popping noises, and screeching sounds, and schedule an appointment to expect immediate support. Don’t think twice, especially if these severe issues may affect the functioning water heater! Only those experts would immediately solve the problem with your water heater making noise instead of doing a DIY repair. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to make a solar water heater and how to test a water heater thermostat.

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