Why Does My Washer Stink? 3 Surprising Reasons To Discover! 

Why does my washer stink? There are times when our washers smell because, of course, it is where used clothes are being cleaned, but is there enough reason to consider this instance? We bet not. 

There are numerous reasons that we can consider why your washer stinks. No worries, we will be giving you a guide of possible causes and explanations on why these are considered. 

It would not make any good impression when the tool you are using to freshen up your used clothes and remove odor contains a nasty smell for your nose. That should never happen, especially at home. But then there are reasons as to why this happens sometimes.


Reasons Why Your Washer Stinks

Why does my washer stink? There are so many possible reasons why your washer stinks, but we have listed here some, if not a few, of them for you to check out and consider looking into. 


Reason #1. Dirty filters

The first reason is when your filter is dirty. You should check on it. Usually, when the dirt builds up on the filters, it starts to get smelly with all the different trash, small particles that keep on building up. To avoid having all this small trash and dirt from building up, you can do to clean the filter. If your filter is removable, then you can remove it from your washer and clean it after. You may use a pressured hose for water to make it easier. But then, if your washer’s filter isn’t removable, you may wash it inside gently by using a long piece of brush. With that, you can reach even the deeper part. Make sure that every time you finish using your washer or even after two times of using such, you will clean the filters. You should know how to clean your filters without ruining them properly. 


Reason #2. You didn’t drain it properly

The following reason might cause a stinky smell on your washer. For example, you were washing your clothes today, and you left the washer with the water on it for a couple of days, it would get stagnant and cause some dirt to stay there and smell as the soil settles down. It would help if you always double-check your washers after using them. Be very mindful of totally draining it. And if you want to avoid these instances from happening, you can make an extra effort of dumping a towel or tissue paper to make sure it is dried well. Read more about why does my washer smell and how to prevent and clean it.


Reason #3. The washer is too old

The third reason why your washer could stink is the possibility that your washer is too old. Upon the aging of your washer, of course, it gets less capable of doing the usual things a washer can do. It may be because it is functioning more minor and that you could never fix it. As much as possible, have your washer maintained and checked every year. Once a year could be enough already since it will be limited in terms of its functionality. But if you could spend more often having it checked, then that’s better. 

You should always check the machine since it should not be rusty, wet, or overused. You should make sure that someone can look into it to make it work better and cause you less trouble in the long run and that it can still work perfectly even if it is old enough. 


How can I prevent my washer from getting stinky? 

It is indeed hard if our washer to maintain, but of course, there are several activities you can do to ensure that it won’t get stinky. Every time you finish using your washer, make sure that you drain all the water and keep it dry and humid every time. This is to avoid getting it dirty and allow all the reasons to invest. If you would like, have someone professional clean your washer even just once every month. Maintaining it can save you from experiencing a stinky smell from your washer. In this way, you will not stress about this thing anymore. It is up to you if you have the budget. 

But if you have alternative ideas on doing so, then that’s better. Then you can opt for one that’s comfortable for you. You can seek more information about these on the internet. There are so many sources to click on and refer to, especially how to handle these situations appropriately. If it ever gets worse and smells like rotten eggs and not only stinky, you can read about why does my washer smell like rotten eggs


It’s A Wrap!

Why does my washer stink? One of the worse encounters we could have is when our washers are stinky. Who would have a good mood if your washer is smelly? Even if you want to wash clothes, you’ll turn your back and avoid these responsibilities. If you are interested to read about all other topics about washers, you may read about how to clean washer drain hoses. Happy reading and learning more lessons with us in the future! 

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