Why Does My Washer Smell? 5 Surprising Reasons!

Why does my washer smell? Well, the limescale, dirt, and detergent were developed in the washer; these make your washer smell. When it smells, it can cause the clothes and make them smell bad as well.

My friends, there are several ways on how you can clean your washer; you can keep the drum always dry, use the suitable detergent, and empty the pocket of your clothes. 

Why does my washer smell

But before we discuss the topic more, you should know that several factors can bring a smell from the washer. Certain elements include door seal, detergent dispenser drawer, heating components, filter blockages, and sump hose. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s delve deeper! Without further ado, let’s start!


Reasons Why Your Washer Smell

So, why does my washer smell? Here are the known factors that can turn a washer smell damp or musty:


#1. Unclean seal

A smelly washer occurs due to an unclean seal. Maybe it has been months that you will clean it up again. That is when a musty smell can come out from it. The door seal components also slow down the water flow, causing mildew. The washer seal can accumulate soap scum and harbor grime, making it smelly afterward. Better yet, mop its interior part with a dry cloth before doing the laundry. Moreover, the smell may be due to mold on the washer.


#2. Temperature

The standard advice is to set the washer at a low temperature for it to be energy-efficient. But then, it should not be done as a habit as it may result in a smelly drain. The smell of the washer is due to the low-temperature water not eliminating bacteria. This situation is almost the same as implementing an efficient setup of water. In addition, it will smell bad if you add excess detergent while you wash clothes. Doing so causes the drum of the machine to smell bad because of leftover soap.


#3. Drum

The washer smells because the drum is musty since it is untidy. In addition, dirt or soap remnants can become moldy and smelly once they are stuck. Thus, clean the washer regularly, or you will suffer these consequences.

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#4. Ineffective drainage system

One more reason foul odor occurs in the washer is because of an ineffective drainage system. As a result, the water accumulates through it, and the stagnant water smells terrible. Plus, dormant water results in bacteria, soap scum, slime, and mold. You may also want to know how to install washer drain hose and how to fix a washer that wont drain.


#5. The source

The machine also smells not because of the mentioned factors but because of the source. Therefore, investigate every part of the washer or sniff all those suspicious areas. Thus, you will identify the primary source of the smell and stink.


Ways To Stop The Smell In The Washer

Remove the smell in the washer by cleaning it properly. It is amusing to wash the washer but do so. Be consistent in doing it, or the smell will stick to the clothes or the cotton clothes. For instance, towels are thick and cottony. So, they absorb the trail from the washer. But good thing, the smell can be prevented and fixed. And, clean the washer effectively using white vinegar, sponge, water, baking soda, scourer, and brush.


For molds

  • Mix the water and soda bicarbonate and keep it in a cup.
  • Place the mixture onto the area affected and let it sit there for fifteen minutes.
  • Scrub the mold using a brush.
  • Washer the drawer of the detergent dispenser with vinegar.
  • Check for mold or mildew spray in the nearest store.


For the general wash

  • Prepare water and baking soda each in a quarter cup. Pour the combination into the container of the machine for detergent.
  • Prepare white vinegar in 2 cups and add it to the drum. Run the washer in a high heat temperature setting.
  • Use a sponge and dip it in mixed water, vinegar, & baking soda. Clean its interior part with a sponge.
  • The last step is to use highly-efficient detergent and allow the water to evaporate in the drum. Do it at different intervals while you wash it. Keep everything, even the gasket, neat.


For the detergent drawer

  • Remove the washer with a removable detergent kind of shelf.  Know for more details as you read the manual.
  • Use the brush as you scrub the detergent drawer.

Keep these processes in mind if you want the washer to smell fresh. Regular cleansing can further enhance the entire performance of the washer. Your clothes will achieve such a pleasant smell, and the room where you keep the washer will smell nice. It may be helpful to read why does my washer smell and how to prevent and clean it.


Tips To Maintain A Clean Washer

It is a must to know the ways to avoid smelly washers. Here are the following ways:


#1. Keep the drum always dry

One good way to avoid the smell of stagnant water is to keep the drum always dry. First, properly ventilate the laundry room to maintain its dryness. Mildew and mold survive in a damp area, but with air, they will not develop. Open the washer door and detergent dispenser drawer so that the moisture gets dry.


#2. Use the suitable detergent

Know which detergent to use as a high-efficiency option. Use the correct measurement when applying. Use the HE detergents since the regular choice brings excess suds that affect the machine’s function. If there is less sud, there is also less scum that accommodates organisms. Also, know when to put fabric softener in washer.


#3. Empty the pocket of your clothes

Put the clothes in the washer after emptying all the stuff in the pocket. Doing so helps avoid practices from blocking the drain in the washing machine. Particles that accumulate in the washer make it even harder for the water to continue down the drain. 


It’s A Wrap!

Why does my washer smell is no anymore a big problem? The reasons above will guide you on what’s the next thing to do. Wash it every month, even just weekly. Note that a smelly washer can result in a smelly laundry area that will affect the entire house. So, keep the ways on how to keep the washer and the room clean and smell good! You may also want to read about how to clean washer drain hoses.

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