Why Does My Washer Shake? 3 Shocking Reasons Why Your Washer Shakes!

Why does my washer shake? There are so many things that you should take into account, and one of those is how you take care of your appliances. In this way, you will make your appliances stay longer and make them better. Washers are very particular, too, so make sure that you take some time to read this. 

If your washer shakes, there might be a lot of reasons that you will need to consider since it is not normal. Then, these reasons can regard it as how you would solve the problem of your washer that’s shaking.

why does my washer shake

Remember that the only way to resolve an issue is knowing what the problem is.


Reasons On Why Your Washer Shakes

Why does my washer shake? Again, washers are a big help when it comes to our laundry. It gives us much access to lightweight cleaning our clothes and other laundries that are hard to hand wash, especially comforters and blankets. 

When you want your washer to last, you should avoid conflicts and reasons for it to get damaged quickly. Without further ado, let us share the information. You can, later on, check out the resources we have; linked down below. So, here are the reasons why your washer shakes. 


Reason #1. The washer is unbalanced

Even a person who’s unbalanced or not under control would shake. But then, appliances are just a little bit better in terms of it. Humans would shake and fall, but devices may remain, although they might have a conflict regarding their efficiency.

Unbalanced appliances might have different forces and power while being used for your washer since it is spinning inside and has loads of clothes and water in it, which makes it a big deal when it is unbalanced. It will shake since it has the weight unbalanced throughout. 

You may check the feet of your washers to verify if it is unbalanced. You can shake it sideways or even back and forth if you wish. In this way, you will know if it is unstable, and you can realign it or re-arrange it if it is.  


Reason #2. It has too much load

If the first has uneven weights and feet of the washer, this one is quite similar but maybe worse. When you have so many laundries, you have to abide by the limit of your washer. It would help if you never forced your washer to its limit because it will give up when it is too much, and of course, it will make your washer shake. 

To avoid overloaded washers, you should consider the washer capacity you want to buy upon buying. It is one way of ensuring that even when your laundry is like a mountain tall, it would still be able to wash all of them. 

But then again, never put too much load on your washers because it might cause them to violently shake, which may affect the washer’s efficiency and life span. It is up to you to choose whether you would like to sacrifice your washer or not. Here’s more of “How to use  washer?”


Reason #3. Clothes unevenly distributed inside

Also, one of the most common reasons is your clothes being distributed unevenly inside your washer. Of course, like any other things that you consider doing, you should know how to arrange clothes evenly inside your washer.

Your washer isn’t a hand mixer that can mix your clothes up and make them even. 

At first, need to arrange it somehow and ensure that you balance it on both sides; make sure that you equally distribute your clothes’ weight inside your washer. If one side has denim, put one on the other side also. In this way, we will eliminate the chances of the washer shaking. 


What can we do if our washer is shaking?

To avoid your washer shaking, try to avoid all those three mentioned above.

Those reasons are always what’s behind a shaking washer. But then, if your washer shakes and none of them were the reason, you should try other ways to fix it up. 

You may consult professionals when it comes to these things. You can always seek professional help when you need to do so. If you are having trouble, maybe you can contact some technicians who can check and fix your washer that’s shaking. 

Better if you have someone you can trust. There are instances where instead of your washer getting fixed and stopping from shaking, it goes worse. Instead, make sure that you have a known person for his services. Refer to how to fix a washing machine that’s shaking or vibrating for more information about your shaking washer. 



Why does my washer shake? And we have now answered why your washer shake! You can learn more of these when you get in touch with articles about washers. Read this one if you have extra time; what does f28 mean on a whirlpool washer?

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