Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Breaking

The answer to why does my sewing machine needle keep breaking reveals six causes. You will learn that errors in installation or using the wrong part can damage the needle. We will also talk about how to avoid these issues in this article. 

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why does my sewing machine needle keep breaking


What Is The Most Common Cause Of Sewing Machine Needle Breaking?


Wrong needle or installation 

Your sewing machine can break if you’re not using the correct one for your project. For example, some materials or sewing through multiple layers can be too challenging for the needle you’re using. You should also check if you installed the needle correctly where it’s been inserted through its clamp or won’t withstand the use that can cause it to bend and break. 

Other than pushing the needle all the way through, you want to check if you have tightened the needle screw as well. Again, remember that you’ll tighten it with your fingers, then use a screwdriver. 


Damaged needle

What if the needle is correct for the material, yet it still breaks? The needle might be bent or damaged, to begin with. Even if it’s just slightly bent or has a small weak spot, then it won’t be durable enough to go through the material and sew smoothly. 

You can also read this guide on sharpening sewing needles since dull needles won’t pierce the fabric and are prone to breaking


Wrong threading

The needle is not the only potential culprit when the sewing machine needle breaks. You have to ensure that you thread the machine correctly because if the thread wraps around a thread guide more than once, the resistance can take out the needle where it’s supposed to be. As a result, the needle can hit other machine parts such as the hook, throat plate, or bobbin case. 

Always refer to your manual when threading the machine, and follow the instructions diligently. 


Thread catches on the spool

Another issue that a thread can cause to break the needle is if it catches on the spool. Some thread holders have a groove where the thread can get stuck, so the sewing machine needle can snap and break when the thread is pulled. You should also avoid getting the thread wrapped around the spool cap, so be extra mindful in pushing the cap in place to eliminate a gap where the thread can wrap on.  


Hook is not in the correct position

The needle can get broken if it hits other parts of the machine. For example, the needle hitting the sewing machine hook can cause the former to get damaged, as you can expect. Therefore, make it a habit to inspect if the hook is always in the proper position. 


Sewing over pins or zipper

Other than hitting the hook with the needle, the latter can snap if you accidentally sew over pins or zipper. Be mindful when working on your project to avoid these accidents. For the pins, remove them before sewing, while turning the machine by hand should prevent you from accidentally sewing over the zipper.


How Often Do Sewing Machine Needles Break?

The sewing machine needle shouldn’t often break if you check the needle you’re using and the other components of the machine that could cause it to snap. However, it’s also best to replace the needle for every project or after 8 to 16 hours of continuous sewing. 


How Do You Keep A Needle From Breaking?


Use the correct needle type and install it securely

Familiarize yourself with the different types of sewing machine needles and sizes. The needle will depend on the material and project you’re doing to ensure that it can withstand use without snapping. Additionally, check if you installed the needle correctly. 

It should be pushed all the way to the clamp, and the clamp itself has a screw that should be tight throughout sewing.  


Check if the needle is hitting the hook, bobbin case, or throat plate

The needle position should tell you if it will hit other parts of the sewing machine that could cause it to break. Remember that the needle position is different for various types of stitches. You may also need to adjust the stitch settings to have the needle in the correct position. 


Avoid unnecessary tension on the thread

Improper threading can pull on the thread, and as a result, the needle can break. Another way that you can also cause an unnecessary pull on the thread is when you pull the fabric as you sew. Ease the fabric to the machine without stretching it to prevent snapping the thread that can also cause the needle to break. 



Was this article helpful? To recap why does my sewing machine needle keep breaking, you need to check if you used the correct needle and if you installed it correctly. Unnecessary tension on the thread and having the needle hit hard objects can also cause it to snap. 

We hope these troubleshooting techniques and fixes can solve the needle breaking on your unit. Then, you can also read about how to change a sewing machine needle


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