Why Does My Reddy Heater Keep Shutting Off? 4 Surpring Causes!

Are you wondering why does my Reddy heater keep shutting off? Here are some most prevalent reasons that cause your Reddy heater to keep shut off; inadequate fuel, no power, inappropriate pump pressure, faulty photocell assembly installation, filth in the fuel filter, malfunctioning ignition system, or pilot light and tilt sensor, or tripped overheat.

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why does my Reddy heater keep shutting off

Despite their outstanding reputation as durable appliances, Reddy heaters are prone to malfunctions and issues resulting from incorrect usage, poor maintenance, and storage procedures. So if you’re using the Reddy heater and it keeps shutting off, you must read this article to check out the reasons in detail. Let’s have a deep look at it!


Why Does The Reddy Heater Keep Shutting?

We have compiled a list of common problems and their simple solution in this Reddy heater troubleshooting information. To accurately detect the heater issue, read and follow the steps.


#1. Insufficient electricity

Here’s the answer to your question; why does my Reddy heater keep shutting off. Keep in mind that most Reddy heater types work with a 120-volt 60Mz electrical supply. Depending on the size of your heaters, the ampere needs will change. Heater difficulties are frequently caused when operating a Reddy heater along a lengthy extension cable. Increasing resistance within the extension cord, your heater can encounter minimal current and cease to work. Here are some options for dealing with the problem:

Check to see that heater is getting enough electricity to work correctly. Keep in mind you’re using the proper extension cable and that the power supply in which the warmer has been utilized can handle the load. Keep in mind the heater’s wiring isn’t damaged by inspecting it.


#2. Low fuel quality

Sometimes, after the start of a few minutes, the Reddy heater shuts off; this is due to blocked orifices. Orifices may be blocked if you’re using low-quality fuel in your Reddy heater, and this leaves massive quantities of dirt in the furnaces, perhaps causing them to jam.   If your fuel tank is polluted with water, the heater will most likely create popping and cracking noises and going to shut off. Here’s the solution:

Before starting, make sure your heater is loaded with excellent quality kerosene. Then look in the fuel tank for any signs of contamination of water. If there is any water, disconnect the tank as fast as feasible and clean it using high-grade k-1 kerosene. Clean the parts down with a moist towel after that. Pull the wick and set it aside to cool. Verify the propane quantity in the cylinder before using a propane-fired Reddy heater. Other significant elements of a propane-fired heater’s fuel source process should be serviced and examined. After that, again run your heater to check it works correctly. 


#3. Pump pressure is incorrect

The inability of your heater to turn on might and keep shutting off be due to reduced improper pump pressure or air pressure. This condition may cause your Reddy forced-air heaters to burn; however, the basic PCB component of your heater will shut it off after a short period. Here’s the remedy:

Changing the pump pressure is a simple way to remedy this issue. Before customizing the pressure, ensure the heaters are adjusted to a high level. To start, set the heater BTU Control switch at the highest setting. After that, disconnect the pressure gauge connector from the end filter cover. Now is the time to add a second pressure sensor suitable with the Reddy heater. Then run your Reddy heater at the highest setting. The pressure of the pump may be adjusted with a flat blade screwdriver. To increase the pressure, turn the relief valve counterclockwise. Lower the pressure by turning the relief valve anticlockwise. Switch off the heating at the end of the process.


#4. Photocell assembly incorrectly installed

Your heater doesn’t have a flame! We’re inclined to bet you can’t install the photocell circuit properly. Changing the placement of the photocell is a straightforward solution to the issue. Here’s the solution:

You must unscrew your Reddy heater to check if the photocell assembly was installed correctly. In this case, detach the side lid to detach. Next, go over to the power button and unplug the switch wires. Also, ensure sure the links between the circuit board and the photocell are unplugged. At that moment, you need to put the photocell both in brackets. In the end, make a connection to the circuit board. After fixing this issue, turn on your heater to check whether it operates correctly. You may also want to read about how to fix noisy toe kick heaters.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that after reading this article, you all will understand why does my Reddy heater keep shutting off. Above, we have discussed four common causes of this problem; read them all carefully to troubleshoot these causes. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about how to add a thermostat to a wall heater and how to clean a wall heater. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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