Why Does My Propane Heater Keep Going Out? 6 Surprising Reasons!

Do you want to know why does my propane heater keep going out? If yes, then keep reading this article! The issue with the thermocouple, blocked pilot light, faulty tilt switch, draft issue, loss of thermocouple temperature because of soot, and lack of propane gas caused the propane heater to keep shut off.

There’s anything more irritating than shutting off the propane heater repeatedly? Indeed, keeping a consistent heat source during freezing, cold nights is crucial.

why does my propane heater keep going out

As all we know, propane heaters are a dependable and efficient method to keep any space heated throughout the winter months. However, sometimes they don’t work correctly. Yes, my friends, it’s all true, so if you’re interested and want to learn the reasons for shutting off your propane heater, stay with us until the end. Let’s get started!


Why Does Your Propane Heater Keep Going Out?

Keep your propane heater from switching off by following these troubleshooting tips. So why does my propane heater keep going out? Let’s dig into the reasons one by one!


#1. The thermocouple is located too far away from the flame

The heater can automatically shut off the gas supply if the thermocouple drops the voltage by moving too far away from the fire. An electromagnetic field forms on the other side of the thermocouple if the thermocouple is at a considerable distance from the fire,  which immediately stops the route for the supply of gas to the heater burners or pilot. 

You can fix this issue quickly. Minimize the distance between the pilot flame and the thermocouple. The heating unit’s top must also need to be removed. Please bring it to a repair workshop or hire a specialist to repair it. The ⅔ part of the thermocouple sensor must be inside the flame to determine whether there is an issue.


#2. Thermocouple temperature loss due to soot

If the thermocouple is close to the fire and doesn’t function yet, the issue is that it is dusty or dirty, leading the heater thermocouple to lose temperature since it’s not as responsive to the fires as it has to be. If it doesn’t work, try scraping it using sandpaper and cleaning it clean with a towel. Also, check for any lingering fabric fluff since this might cause flames to flare.


#3. Blocked pitot tube 

The propane heater may repeatedly switch off because of a clogged pilot tube. The thermocouple will never retain temperature if there is insufficient flow of gas within the pilot to supply fuel to the burner. You must wipe the pilot tube if that’s the issue. You can use a piece of wire, a bamboo skewer stick, or a pin to clean the pilot tube, and you can clean the tube by inserting these tools inside the pilot, which will remove any granules or bugs that may have built a nest in the tube throughout the summertime.

If the fault is in the pilot tube, it is rather apparent. The flames should be primarily blue whenever the pilot is operating correctly. If you notice that the fire is blinking, short, or exhibiting yellow or bright orange flames, you must clean the pilot tube immediately. A word of caution: always cut off the gas supply before cleaning the pilot since one spark might cause a fire, significant property damage, or injury to a person.


#4. Tilt switch issue

The tilt switch is also an essential element of your propane heater. Let us clarify what this part performs in the case if you’re unfamiliar. The ultimate safety feature of your propane heater is the tilt switch. This component detects when the unit will topple over and cuts off all gas supplies at that time. As you may expect, it shouldn’t activate unless your unit is on the verge of tipping over.

On the other hand, any problem may cause it to believe that your heater is ready to collapse over, causing it to keep shut off. When these switches start having issues like these, many users choose to disable this setting. However, iIt’sessential to maintain your tilt switch operational because it is your propane heater’s most crucial safety feature.


#5. Draft

A draught is a gust of frigid air that can interfere with the heater’s ability to ignite. To keep the propane heater from automatically switching off, we must set it correctly. The Propane heater may constantly switch off due to improper positioning of the patio heater. If that’s the case, consider relocating it away from the drought.


#6. The empty canister

Now, this is a little more difficult to figure out. However, your heater may not stay lit if the gas cylinder is empty. Check whether the canister that provides propane to the heater has enough propane or whether the gas valves are turned off if your propane heater flashes but does not light. You may also be interested to know about propane tank troubleshooting.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading it, you will understand why does my propane heater keep going out. Above we’ve discussed all the possible reasons for this problem. Please read the article carefully to understand it well. Thank you, friends, for being with us! You may also want to read about the best propane heater for a garage and how to light an outdoor propane heater.

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