Why Does My Pool Water Heater Keep Shutting Off? 5 Surprising Reasons!

Are you wondering why does my pool water heater keep shutting off? The heater thermostat may be broken or adjusted improperly. Whereas if the igniter on the heater is faulty, the burner will hardly be capable of light at all. A lack of water and voltage supply might also cause the heater to keep turning off. 

Swimming pool heaters are complicated pieces of pool machinery. This is an essential aspect of the pool since it’s in charge of the purification of water, which involves pushing water past the filtration and trapping any dirt. To avoid the development of microalgae, the heater also controls the movement of water current.

why does my pool water heater keep shutting off

The fact that practically every pool heater shuts off suddenly is a typical problem. It’s due to various factors, which will be discussed below. Let’s get started.


Reasons Why Pool Water Heater Keep Shutting Off

You make July swimming more pleasant by using pool heaters and allowing you to utilize the pool for more extended periods. It’s particularly effective in the early warmer months when temperatures begin to rise but remain low, and early fall, late summer while temperature changes are beginning to drop. Because of the overuse of pool heaters, sometimes they show some common issues; the most common is the shutting off. But don’t be panic if you don’t know why does my pool water heater keep shutting off. Below we have discussed all the possible causes that lead to this problem. Let’s check them out!


#1. Lack of voltage

Here is one of the most common reasons for a pool heater to shut off. . Whenever the heater engine isn’t getting enough electricity, this happens. Improper connection, for example, might lead the pool heater to keep shutting off. A loose wire or defective capacitor might also be the culprit. Several factors can cause insufficient voltage to a pool heater. To rectify this, you’ll need to hire an expert to examine the engine’s wiring for flaws.


#2. Problems with the impeller

The heater impeller is a rotating instrument that assists the heater in evaporating the water out from the filtration system. The heater stops working and begins buzzing if the impeller fails to rotate. The impeller is shut off due to this problem, due to which your pool heater keeps turning off. This happens when trash or a garment gets caught in the impeller. These factors would hamper the impeller’s ability to perform its typical functions. Disconnect the pool heater and clean anything clogging the impeller to have it working again. You should hire an expert if you cannot accomplish so independently. Click on this link to know why is my electric pool heater not working.


#3. Overheated pump

New pool heaters are intended to turn off whenever the pool heater is turned on yet not warming, preventing the motor from overheating. The thermoelectric overrun switch this function. If the heater continues switching off, check this switch and replace any malfunctioning.

It’s also conceivable that the overloaded thermal switch is working correctly, but the motor is simply overheated. To establish the source of the overheating, you’ll have to hire a specialist to inspect the heater. Need not attempt to fix the pump if you are not informed about electrical difficulties. The overheated pump is one common cause of shutting off your pool heater. By replacing and repairing the pump, you can fix this issue. Here’s how to troubleshoot a pool pump motor overheated.


#4. Inadequate priming

There are many occasions whenever the pool heater has not yet turned off, but still, it appears to have done so, leading to a shortage of running water. If you find yourself in this circumstance, you’ll need to fuel your heater. Allowing water to run via the pool filter and pump is priming. Lack of gas or fuel may lead your pool heaters to keep shutting off. 


#5. Excessive energy use

Another reason your pool heater keeps shutting off is excessive energy usage. There come moments when we operate specific home devices more frequently than others, and these items consume all of the current, leaving nothing for remaining appliances to utilize. This can result in a loss of electricity at homes, leaving just a tiny amount of current for items such as the pool heating system. And in this situation, the pump would either not operate or abruptly cut off.

You must first optimize your household device’s electricity use for a heater pump to start up. Whereas if an electricity outage is going to be an issue in your neighborhood, you should consult your local energy provider to report the outage and request a rapid solution. These are all the issues that may cause the heater pump to switch off unexpectedly. Assume, however, that you are familiar with power electronic switches and devices. By replacing the defective pump heater with the new one, you can fix this problem. Know how does a pool heater works


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading it, you all will get a better understanding of why does my pool water heater keep shutting off. Above, we have discussed all the possible causes of this problem. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end, don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you like it. 

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