Why Does My Mini-Fridge Smell? 3 Awesome Factors!

Why does my mini-fridge smell? Mini fridges are the cutest and the most functional item you can have in your small room, but a bad smell would turn you off.

There are so many reasons why your mini-fridge smell and one of the reasons is the spoiled food stored inside, the size, or it’s new.

why does my mini-fridge smell

Fridges have this instance to smell because of all the contents stored inside. Then again, it is something that one should take action on. Knowing that mini-fridge is much smaller than a usual fridge, it has lesser space inside it. It can be a potential cause why your mini-fridge smell. The air could not circulate well in the area, making it smell not good instantly. Regardless, there are more reasons why it happens.


Some Factors That Contribute To The Mini-Fridge Smell

When our mini-fridge smells terrible, it gives us bad vibes and an instant disgust, so all we want to do is to eliminate the smell away. To eliminate it or solve the problem, you want to identify the cause first. That’s why we should find out why does my mini-fridge smell? So here is a list of factors that can contribute to the smell:


Factor #1. The fridge is small

This is one of the most common reasons why your mini-fridge smell. But, unfortunately, this is something we could not avoid.  Knowing that we put food and drinks inside our refrigerator, the instances of each food’s smell would mix all up is a hundred percent.

The air could not circulate due to the small area of the fridge, and it does not give enough room for each food to accumulate. The smaller the fridge, the higher possibility of it having a smell due to some reasons mentioned.


Factor #2. Your mini fridge is brand new

When we buy appliances, like mini-fridges, they usually smell like chemicals when you open them. It is for sure something that you really can’t do anything about. It is natural for it to smell, and it will stay for quite a little while. The mini-fridge might be stored in the factory or its boxes when delivered to the appliance center for so long.

Usually, the only model being released is displayed in the front aisles of the stores. Due to severe use and exposure to open places and air, and it is opened for viewing, the smell of the factory fades away. If you buy one, do not expect that yours will be the same since it is stored.

The only thing you could do is open yours for some time and let the smell disappear before using a newly bought mini-fridge.


Factor #3. Spoiled food

One of the most common reasons why mini-fridges usually smell is when you have placed food in there and forgot to take it out. Usually, it is the food that had stayed in the refrigerator for a bit of a while and forgotten completely.

It develops molds in it, and it becomes spoiled even if it is in the refrigerator. Moreover, it is hard to locate if the food is small or a lot has been placed in your mini-fridge. Overcrowding of food and drinks is also considered here due to the accumulation of space. Learn more about why food like vegetables and fruits spoil inside your fridge.

The smell of each food within mixes with one another and creates a very unpleasant smell.


How To Eliminate Mini-Fridge Smell?

To eliminate the smell inside your mini-fridge, you have to clean it up and pull out the contents in there.  But then, knowing that our food would be affected once the fridge is turned off, you have to know how long can a refrigerator be turned off? Observe safety and good practices while solving the problem to avoid another problem from occurring, if ever.

Then maybe you can disinfect your mini-fridge, especially when something was spilled or you found a portion of spoiled food in the said area.

And then, of course, you can also try to put some spray or bunch of charcoals inside to absorb the odor.  You can do some additional research on this matter, but we advise you to look for something worth it. There are different odor absorbent stuff that you could purchase online, but you have to make sure that it works great. This is one of the most common ways to eliminate the smell inside your mini-fridge.

It can be considered an excellent tool for solving the problem. All you have to do is look for it and purchase one. Additional research on how it works would also be better for you, especially when you lack knowledge about it.



Why does my mini-fridge smell? Your mini fridge smell because of 3 possible reasons, and we mentioned all of the above; it might be new, the food inside is spoiled, or because of its size. It is always hard to handle, but then again, all you have to do is make sure that you know the reason behind it and how to solve it.

But the best way to keep your fridge from smelling bad is to clean it regularly. So, make sure to wipe out the spills and take out expired food immediately. A smelly fridge is disgusting, and it can disappoint some of your visitors. So make this a serious concern.

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