Why Does My Mattress Squeak And Best Solutions

If you wonder why does my mattress squeak, there are three potential reasons. They include the mattress itself, the frame, or even the foundation. We will teach you how to test each component, so you know how to address the issue.

A squeaky mattress is annoying, and it can even interrupt a good night’s sleep. However, the bed is not always to blame. If you’re curious to know more, scroll down now!

Why Does My Mattress Squeak


Why Does My Mattress Make Squeaking Noises?


Damaged mattress

Let us talk first if your mattress is indeed the source of the squeaks. There are many reasons why it would make squeaking noises, including damaged materials like springs. However, you want to check if the bed itself is the one to blame and not the foundation or frame. 

How would you do this? First, remove the mattress from the frame and move it around the floor. The bedsprings are typically the culprit why a bed would squeak, especially if your mattress has been around for more than five years. 


Old bed frame

More often than not, the bed frame itself is the cause of the squeaks and not the mattress itself. You can grab and shake the headboard to see if it will make a noise. The frame’s screws might also have gotten loose, or the other hardware mountings are improperly assembled. 

You can also take a closer look at the legs of your bed frame. If they are uneven, they will squeak and even put the mattress off the center, hence the noise. Tightening the screws and mountings should fix the issue, or you can get a new bed frame altogether. 


Worn out foundation

The box spring will age alongside your mattress, and it’s best to replace it after seven years or depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. If the composition and overall structure of the box spring no longer offer bounce or resistance against pressure, it can lead to sagging and squeaking. 

Remember that a box spring is composed of torsion bars and springs, and any fault to these materials can cause noise. You also want to ensure that the mattress is in the center of your foundation. Do note that checking the foundation is also advisable to all types and not just box springs to ensure that your mattress is well-supported. 


Why Is My Box Spring So Squeaky?

The short answer to why your box spring squeaks are because of friction. Remember that the springs inside will get worn down and eventually rub against each other. However, the issue might not also be inside the box spring but because its wood casing rubs against your bed frame. 


How to fix a squeaky box spring

If the issue is internal, you have to address the deteriorating coils of your box spring. Make a hole in the cover using a knife to get out the internal structure. Then, spray some cooking oil over them to lubricate the metals and prevent tension that causes squeaking. 

Sew the hole shut, and your box spring should be quiet. But if the box spring rubs against the bed frame, you can place some fabric inside the frame or between the bed and the box spring. By having padding in the portion of friction, you should eliminate the squeaking noise. 

Finally, your bed frame might have a gap with the box spring if the squeaking persists. You want to cover these spaces to keep the box spring from rubbing against the frame. A cork roll should work well for these gaps, and you can cut it to match all the empty spaces between the slats. 


How Do I Get My Mattress To Stop Squeaking?

If you’re using a double-sided bed, you can flip it to use the less worn down side and distribute the pressure throughout. Although some manufacturers recommend against it, so rotate it to 180 degrees instead. If this practice still doesn’t work, try improving the base of the bed. 

Place a piece of plywood between the mattress and the box spring. This way, the wood will push back against the sagging and keep the bed from squeaking. You can also use a book under a sagging portion to improve the structure of your mattress. 


Addressing the noisy frame

You can use paraffin to lubricate the squeaky parts of a wooden bed frame. On the other hand, cooking oil should work for the corners, joints, and bolts if your bed frame is metal. You also want to tighten the fasteners your frame uses as they tend to squeak as well. 

What if the issue is on the frame legs? Simply slip a furniture pad on the uneven leg to keep the bed from moving and rubbing against the floor. Otherwise, the flooring of the room itself might be the culprit. 



If you notice your bed being too noisy, it can be hard to fall asleep. You’re thinking, “why does my mattress squeak?” The mattress is not immediately to blame as the foundation and frame can also cause noise. 

You can lubricate the bedsprings, tighten the screws on the frame, or add plywood to the foundation to eradicate the squeaking. However, familiarize yourself with the expected lifespan of your bed, as it’s better to replace it if it has been too worn down.