Why Does My Kerosene Heater Keep Shutting Off? 6 Awesome Fixes!

Why does my kerosene heater keep shutting off is a question someone asks in a very anxious tone. Your case is no different, but you have to leave your worries ASAP as we are here to present you with a couple of solutions to this common problem with the torpedo kerosene heater. 

A torpedo heater is an example of a forced-air heater, and they provide you with an enormous amount of heat to help cope with the cold weather.

And yes! They can become prone to various diseases like us humans. That’s why they need to be checked and cured by an electrician every season. But we have told some simple solutions that you can try yourself without spending dollars on calling a professional. Let’s get started!


What To Do If Kerosene Heater Keeps Shutting off?

We are aware of the frustration when the heater refuses to help you in the freezing temperatures. That’s why we can easily guess that all you want is the answer to why does my kerosene heater keep shutting off. Read the names and easy fixes of the parts of a kerosene heater to say welcome to the cozy and comfortable spaces. 


#1. Air pump

This vital part is designed to control the amount of fuel suction from the kerosene tank and send it to the burning assembly. You need to check the air pump to identify the leaks or defective rotor. Also, the PCB assembly causes the heater to shut off after ignition if the pressure is too low or too high. First, turn the BTU control to the high position and take off the pressure gauge plug after locating the end filter cover. 

Then grab and install an accessory gauge of the perfect size to fit your heater. Now turn the heater and let the motor run at the highest speed. Meanwhile, change the pressure with a flat-blade screwdriver. Turn the relief valve clockwise to increase the pressure and counterclockwise to decrease. Solving the pressure problem was that simple. You may also be interested to know about pump replacement.


#2. Fuel filter

You must have an idea about the importance of fuel filters without reading anything about this. But you must also know that its maintenance is a must to avoid the blockage in fuel lines and malfunctioning of power switch wirings. The heater will keep shutting off or won’t turn on as a result. Remove the two screws from each side with a Phillips screwdriver to take off the side cover. Take it apart after disconnecting the wires of the power switch. Also, detach the fuel line from the neck of the filter. Now you are all ready to rinse the filter. Reassemble the heater after cleaning, and don’t forget to check the fuel lines for holes or cracks.


#3. Electrical connections 

Well, you have to call an electrician to check this kind of problem. But wait, inspect for the visible damage before calling a dent in your budget. But a professional will cure the connections between PCB and photocell. Also, make sure that the heater has a connection with a power source of 120V & 60Mz. 


#4. Photocell

A photocell could be the root of many problems like sudden shutting off and turning on. Firstly, you need to remove the side cover of the heater and then the power button wires from it. Also, detach the wirings of the circuit breaker and photocell. Check the photocell and clean it. Replace the cell with a new one if any damage is visible and install it carefully in both brackets this time. 


#5. Pilot light

Does the pilot light of your heater go out just after the ignition? What causes a pilot light to go out? Well, this sign indicates that you have a bad thermocouple. Install a new one to enjoy the heat produced by the pilot light that burns solid blue with a yellow tip. 


#6. Filter kit

You might be unaware that the air intake, output, and lint filter need to get clean after running the heater for at least 500 hours or two months. Remove the upper shell of the heater and the fan protective cover. Take out the air intake and clean it with a soapy solution. Remove the pressure gauge and end filter cover to clean the lint filter and air output.


Few Common Problems With Kerosene Heater

  • A low amount or quality of fuel causes blockage in the orifice and burner. Thus, the heater keeps shutting off while leaving you to fight the cold. 
  • Overheating and tilt sensors collectively build a wall in front of accidents, but sometimes they are the main reason behind the shut-off. 
  • The heater’s power cord must not be too long because it increases the electric resistance and the frustration of dealing with tangles. Install a standard size cord and let the heater blow heat freely.
  • The control board of a torpedo heater could be a reason that hinders the continuous operation of the heater. A broken part or damaged wirings are possible causes behind a defective control board, and replacement is the only solution.


It’s A Wrap!

Why does my kerosene heater keep shutting off is not a matter now. This guide covered all the possible problems and their fixes. Still, if you think your problem is not solved, call a technician for help. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to start a Mr heater and why does my torpedo heater keep shutting off.

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