Why Does My Hot Water Heater Keep Going Out? 5 Surprising Reasons!

Why does my hot water heater keep going out? Investigate it yourself, and you will confirm that it is because the water is boiling and a part in the device or something connected to it has breakage.

But in a gas water heater, it is due to problems with the gas supply, thermocouple, and pilot light. The water heater warms the water inside a storage tank’s optimal temperature.

It also keeps it readily used or on-demand heater type. It is only because the pilot light triggers to keep the heating elements warm. The pilot that continues to go out causes the burner not to turn on. The water does not heat properly, making troubleshooting essential for water heater maintenance. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Why Does Hot Water Heater Keep Going Out?

So, why does my hot water heater keep going out? Here are the reasons why the hot water keeps going out:


#1. Poor electrical

No pilot light or gas supply will need to worry about an electrical unit. Nonetheless, there are poor types of electrical components that can wear out later on. One reason is that it does not flip on properly to heat the water or you plug it in. Then, it has a live breaker without a reason why the machine does not work. The problem lies in a heating coil or thermostat which goes that verifies an electrical tester. A heater that falls under warranty requires someone’s help as it is best to fix it as soonest possible, especially if not under the contract. 

Replace the heating coil or thermostat on your own if you want to change out those parts. Another indication is that the water heater component is going out if it triggers the breaker to shut down, as this is true as the unit attempts to heat the water. If the breaker trips again, you must contact a specialist; this should be your decision if you have no experience with electrical work. Plus, you must know about locating and fixing the shorting component.


#2. Poor thermocouple

The water has a thermocouple as its essential component next to the pilot light. This element detects the light in the pilot light as it generates current depending upon the heat’s availability. The thermocouple presumes the pilot is off, shutting the gas supply down in the burner. Check if the pilot light’s flame is high enough in reaching and touching the thermocouple. So, clean the thermocouple surface when you see it dirty. It gathers the same grime and soot as the tip in a pilot light. Get the unit connections tested if you believe this does not solve the problem. Use a digital tester, so the thermocouple unit transfers electricity and replaces it as necessary.


#3. Insufficient flame and unclean pilot light

The dirty pilot light is why the water heater does not remain the same with the insufficient gas flow in the pilot that it does not stay lit. The pilot’s tip is too dirty with gas, so the flame goes out completely. Clean the pilot’s end using a toothbrush to remove grime buildup and old soot. Check the adjustment in the knob of the pilot light to adjust the flame size in a pilot.


#4. Boiling water

A gas water heater keeps going out because the water is boiling. You may have the water heater turned up, but it is incredibly high. The water heater has a safety shut-off which triggers if the water continues to a temperature like 180 degrees. So, turn the temperature down to see if it solves the problem.


#5. More electrical problems

Something that connects with the electrical water heater has breakage. It triggers the water heater to go out. The issue comes from the heating coil, thermometer, thermostat, and other system parts. That is when you must hire a plumber who will sort things out. Never allow the issue or damage the heater and the rest of the home.


The Signs That The Water Heater Will Keep On Going Out

Below are the signs that can tell if it is about time to replace the water heater you have.


#1. Age

Keep in mind the age of the appliance. Remember that no device will stay forever. The majority require replacement after ten years. But then, pay attention to the water heater and its age. This way, you will prepare if it is about time to replace it.


#2. Noise

A noise that comes more often from the utility closet is one thing to bother you already. The clanking, rumbling, and banging often resemble the age in a water heater. The sediment accumulates and hardens in the water tank. It causes noise that will keep you awake all night.


#3. Not working like before

The feeling that it always gets colder as you go in every shower means the hot water is on its way to going out. The same is true if you need to turn the knob even higher every day to achieve the same heat amount. The old water heater may be working hard to meet your needs. The thing is that it is not as young as it was before. Check the settings in the temperature of your appliance before you purchase one. You may also want to read about how to drain a hot water heater.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you have all the reasons all ready to answer the question, why does my hot water heater keep going out? It is up to you to replace it or get it fixed. Moreover, you knew the signs too if the device would be going out. You may want to read related articles; know how to clean hot water heaters and how to adjust the temperature on hot water heater.

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