Why Does My Gas Heater Keep Turning Off? 4 Intertesting Reasons!

Are you worried about why does my gas heater keep turning off as soon as it comes on, having left you cooler? You have a problem if your furnace won’t remain on or keeps turning on and off. Your heater probably needs to be cleaned. Are you fed up with watching the temperature fluctuate and fearing it may go dark one day?

Getting your heater switched on and off more frequently than you’ve planned or short cycling is a significant issue for homes. It isn’t just inconvenient; if the poor heating pattern persists, heating expenditures might skyrocket!

why does my gas heater keep turning off

Therefore, it’s important to note why heaters are turned off repeatedly? Also, about fixing it? Those are a few possible problems with your heater. Yes, my friends, it’s all true about it, so if you’re interested and want to learn more, continue reading this article at the end. Let’s have fun!


Why Does The Gas Heater Keep Turning Off?

Below we have discussed the reasons why does my gas heater keep turning off:


#1. The filter is clogged and dirty

Check for dirty air filters if your heater is acting resembling air conditioning. Because it is the simplest issue to overcome, this is the first item you must examine but not the cheapest one! A filthy and blocked heater air filter would inhibit adequate air filtering, but it would also stop air circulation to the heating element. A safety feature will turn off the heater if the heat exchanger becomes too hot due to insufficient ventilation. Although this is typically helpful if the outside temperature is -20 degrees or below, sometimes it is not. Fortunately, a blocked filter can be fixed in a matter of minutes.  

For safety’s sake, switch off the heater. After that, just pull the filter to determine if it is recyclable. If that is a recyclable item, you must discard it and replace it. They’re available at any hardware shop. A disposable heater air filter is of exceptional quality. It’ll stay more, but cleaning it requires a bit of extra work. based on the type of filth and dirt; either carefully wash it with fresh water or carefully vacuum it up. Inspect your heater filter after one month to replace or clean your dirty air filters to ensure your heater is working efficiently and your air is purified.


#2. Improper ventilation

A clogged vent might cause your heater to keep turning off. The flow of air to the heat exchanger might be restricted by various factors, including your heater filter. Closed vents can also be a factor. Although it’s natural to block certain vents if the area is excessively warm, ensure you have pretty enough open-air vents so adequate air returns to the heater’s heat exchanger. A gas heater would have a firing vent, and most heaters include a safety mechanism that will close it down when there isn’t sufficient circulation of air. 


#3. Faulty thermostat

Whereas if the ventilation system is clean, but your heater continues to turn off, another step is to verify the thermostats. It may be broken. Keep in mind your thermostat is turned on again and configured to ‘warm.’ Next, double-check that your thermostat is correctly adjusted — the heater could be turning off when someone adjusted it to a reduced setting and then forgot to check it.

When you adjust the temperature correctly, seek the aid of a friend to verify that the thermostat is connecting well with the heater. Get your assistance to stand near the heater and observe as you run it. There should be a sound whenever you regulate the temperature between higher to lower if the thermostat is functioning correctly. If you hear a noise, it’s most likely a heater issue. If there was no sound, that’s most likely due to a malfunctioning thermostat. In that situation, you should contact us so that we can conduct more research. You may also be interested to know about how to replace old thermostat.


#4. The size of the heater is excessive

The size of your heater may be connected directly to the brief cycling of your heater. Whenever you buy a new heater, be sure it’s the right size for your family. Else, you’ll have issues. Your home will heat up rapidly if your heater is too big for the room. The thermostat then turns off when it has completed its task. However, if your home does not have constant heating, it will soon lower the temperature.

The procedure then begins all over again. And once more. And once more. That’s not the heater cycle for which it was designed, and it will end up costing you more money in the future. The only solution to this problem is to purchase a branded heater that is suitably sized. The only way to remedy an oversized furnace is to buy a bigger home, which isn’t the least expensive option!


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that this guide has helped you a lot in finding the reasons why does my gas heater keep turning off. We’ve discussed four reasons for this problem, and once you read this article thoroughly, you’ll be able to solve this problem. You may also want to read about how to install vent free gas heater and how to change natural gas heater to propane. Thank you, friends, for being in touch with us at the end, hope you enjoyed this article!

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