Why Does My Fridge Stink? 8 Sure-Fire Reasons!

The question, “Why does my fridge stink?” might be bugging you right now. But don’t worry because we will help you point out the reasons why your fridge stinks. It’s normal that your fridge will smell, with various types of food placed in one unit, the odor will surely come out after weeks of storage.

But if you find the smell unusual or is a bit too much to bear, then it might be a sign for you to check out the cause. And you might have to clean the unit to get rid of the smell.

Why does my fridge stink

Regardless, this article will help you with that. Who wants that kind of environment right in the place where you store your food? Not to mention keeping it fresh. Worse, the smell can stick into your food. Not appetizing.

So, let’s start!


Reasons Why Your Fridge Stink

There are various reasons on “Why does my fridge stink?” However, no matter the cause, a smelly refrigerator is anything but good.


Reason #1. Spillage

It is more common for liquid contents. The liquids tend to spill more quickly since they flow in any direction. Spilled food can produce a smell faster than those in sealed containers. Additionally, when spilled, it can occupy a larger surface and thus spread the odor all over the appliance.

Make sure all your contents are stored securely and adequately. Place covers on most of them, especially beverages. When placing them, assign convenient positions that can allow them to stand firmly. They are sensitive to the slightest movements, like opening a fridge door.


Reason #2. Spoiled food

Although a fridge’s primary purpose is to keep food from spoiling, there are rare occurrences in which it might happen. You either set the temperature too high or low, or the food is already expired.

When buying groceries, you need to check the expiration date. Perishable food should also be eaten immediately and not stored, if possible. These are preventive measures. If you are currently facing the issue, locate the spoiled contents and dispose of them. Try cleaning the area as well to remove any lingering smell.


Reason #3. Naturally smelly food

Foods that produce pungent odors like fish, raw meat, and some soups can also be a cause. Since they are stored inside the said appliance, it would be difficult to eliminate the smell. However, if it’s tolerable, you can opt to endure it. After all, these have a limited consumption time while it’s fresh.

However, if the smell is too much, try going for an alternative. Either buy fresh fish or meat out the market every day or use chemicals like baking soda to try and diffuse the smell. Baking soda is placed inside the fridge, the box opened for the substances to absorb the odor and keep it from wafting freely all over the corners.


Reason #4. Refrigerator coolants

Coolants were created to aid the refrigerator parts in running effectively. However, despite their apparent advantages, they still have a few setbacks. An example is the chemical odor they produce.  Freon, a known coolant, produces a smell resembling that of a nail polish which is not precisely the best fragrance.

This gas is toxic but not harmful since it’s produced in minimal amounts. However, you cannot completely remove coolants because they are essential for the appliance. Instead, use the power of baking soda to reduce, if not eradicate, the smell.


Reason #5. Cleaning products

Cleaning products work to keep the hygiene in a food container going. The smell of cleanliness, however, may end up being too strong for your taste. This is because the chemicals added into these products remove bacteria invisible to the naked eye but produce odors very apparent to the nose.

There isn’t a lot you can do about this. However, a tip.

When you’re done cleaning, do not close the fridge immediately. Give time to let the container dry and let the clean chemical smell be exhausted. His smell might not be gone entirely, but it won’t be as bothersome as before,


Reason #6. Stored moisture

The moisture is gathered from various areas of the appliance. After all, it makes use of water to work effectively. Not to mention, the extreme conditions in the interior lead to ice buildup. These situations will eventually create stored moisture that will accumulate.

Moisture is not as apparent since they are in small amounts. Though its consequences may take effect slowly, one cannot deny the sudden formation of mold and the foul odor that comes with it. That is why regular cleanup is essential to avoid such situations. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul. Just a quick wipe every once in a while can already make a big difference.


Reason #7. Smelly objects stuck in the fan

The evaporator fan is part of the team that does the cycle of heat and cold between the gadget and its surroundings. The evaporator is responsible for sucking in cold air that lowers the internal temperature. If a foul odor is anywhere near this component, it will also be transferred into the interior, and the smell will dominate the space.

To avoid this, always make sure the fans are free of any blockage—especially smelly ones.


Reason #8. Dust and dirt buildup

Fridges are not the easiest appliances to clean, but it has to be regularly maintained since it handles food. Occasional checking in and wiping the surfaces can prevent prolonged odor that might get stuck to the walls of the gadget.

You can do complete makeovers every half a year or so. In these cleanups, make sure to clean everything. Scrub every corner and wedge to remove any odor or stain entirely. Try to make it as good as new.



And that is all you need the answers to your question, “Why does my fridge stink?” It’s because of the different contents and other issues that transfer odor to your food container. We’ve given you tips and tricks. Now it’s time to apply them all. Have a good meal with all your fresh food!

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