Why Does My Dyson Hair Dryer Keep Shutting Off? 4 Surprising Reasons!

Why does my Dyson hair dryer keep shutting off? Most of its users ask the same question, are you wondering too? Let’s find out! It is not wrong to say that the Dyson hairdryer is an all-rounder.

It alone can transform our messy hairs into wavy curls and salon-style straight hairs.  Shutting off is the major problem users usually face. It is because of many troubleshooting issues and dirt. It disturbs their whole timetable, plans, and mood. 

Why Does My Dyson Hair Dryer Keep Shutting Off?

Mostly, these appliances behave in such a way because of the damage. In addition to this, chances may fluctuate because of several other reasons. Sometimes plugs can also be responsible for creating shutting off issues. Besides heat damages, our dryers need to be cleaned from time to time. Otherwise, they will stop working sooner. For figuring out the solution for the dirt affecting its functioning, we must have the know-how of the appropriate cleaning methods. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!



Why Does Your Dyson Hair Dryer Keep Shutting Off?

People who ask why does my Dyson hair dryer keep shutting off first should think logically about how they can resolve this and its possible reason. Regardless of the dryer shutting off, again and again, if they continue using that, it will go out of order permanently.


#1. Damaged cord

Suppose if you are using any of the electric appliances, it can be either a washing machine, iron, or anything else. If suddenly it gets turned off, the first thing that will come to your mind is checking the cord and switches. We will adjust the cord in the electric board again to make sure if it’s load shedding or something else. On moving the cord, it turns on, which means you are having a problem with the cords. Check out the warranty of your dryers. Contacting the Dyson customer service team is the best option if the warranty date has not been crossed yet. They surely will change the cords free of cost.


How to save Dyson from cord damage?

Hairs appliances are too sensitive. The slightest stroke can affect their functioning. Therefore, use a hard box to keep them, especially when traveling. So the box will protect its parts from breakage.


#2. Check the outlet

Mostly, we have outlets in our homes that start dropping off their volts with time. All the appliances don’t work on the same volts of energy. Dyson is the dryer that needs about 120 volts to work properly. It will keep shutting off if it doesn’t get the required energy. It can cause a short circuit also. On the other hand, sometimes the cord and the outlet are loose and don’t fit properly. To check if there is any problem with electric power, use any other appliance.


#3. Overheating

Our device usually turns off when it gets overheated. Please don’t panic, as it’s for your safety. Otherwise, hairs may get burnt. But if you feel that it doesn’t go off after getting heated but turns off again and again without any reason. This means it is the time for its cleansing.

Here’s is everything you need to know about hair dryer watts.


#4. Technical issues

If there is no internal blockage and still it keeps going off, it means your Dyson has a technological issue. To check for blockage, twist and slide the filter from the plug and check for functionality. If it is still off, then it surely has any damaged part. Now again comes the warranty claim.


How To Take Care Of The Dyson Hair Dryer?

Here are the ways how to take care of the Dyson hair dryer:

  • Do not perform any repair and maintenance activity other than specified in the Dyson User Guide or recommended by the Dyson Customer Service Helpline. 
  • Always detach the cord from the main supply before looking for faults. If the product is not working, first ensure that the main power socket has power and that the plug is correctly put into the plug.


Warranty And Customer Service

Contacting the company is another idea if you don’t have any solution to the problem. We can have guidance by simply calling on their number, live chat, and sending issues via mail. If your Dyson’s warranty period has not expired yet, you can simply go for a warranty claim. Therefore if your dryer keeps shutting off, the company will either replace the damaged part or will have to give you the new piece free of cost. The Dyson company’s vacuums, fans, and hair dryers all have 2 years warranty. Dyson’s customer support is the only option left if you can’t find the frustrating reason for shutting off during this period.


It’s A Wrap!

As of now, you have seen all the possible reasons why does my Dyson hair dryer keep shutting off. You can fix those issues in significantly less time, and after setting them, you can enjoy the same efficiency as your dryer. But if it doesn’t get fixed for some reason, you should replace it. You should not dump this dryer in the bin; you will need to follow the correct procedure, such as returning it to the company as they are responsible for ensuring the safe disposal of your Dyson device when it hits the end of its useful life. You may return your old Dyson equipment to the firm (at their expense), and then they will arrange for it to be destroyed. 

Please keep in mind that not every part is recyclable. Materials recycling is dependent on the abilities of third-party providers. Dyson products are composed of high-quality recycled plastic. Please responsibly discard this item and recycle as much as feasible. Before disposing of the item, the batteries should be extracted. It may also be a good idea to read about how to use a hair dryer diffuser and what does ionic hair dryer mean.

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  1. I’ll never buy this product again. It is just off warrantee and keeps shutting off. Rep. Could not help me.

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