Why Does My Dryer Smell Like Mold? 3 Surprising Reasons!

You must be wondering why does my dryer smell like mold? Are the clothes coming out of your dryer smelling moldy? There can be a few reasons but, the most important part is identifying the cause and getting rid of the smell. 

Having a dryer at home is beneficial as it saves time and space. It is especially useful for individuals who reside in compact houses with limited space.

why does my dryer smell like mold

Air drying the laundry is an alternative, but it takes a long time and is inconvenient. Additionally, one can dry large, heavy goods like comforters and quilts with ease. When the dryer smells, it can create many problems. Opening your dryer at the end of the cycle to find out damp and moldy-smelling clothes instead of clean and dry can be problematic. You don’t have to worry. Read this article till the end to find out the ways to get rid of the mildew smell from your dryer.


Why Does Your Dryer Smell Like Mold?

To answer your question: why does my dryer smell like mold? We have listed below a few reasons. You need to understand the cause of the moldy smell before fixing it.  


#1. Leaving clothes for a long time in the dryer 

When you leave your clothes in the dryer for a long time, the mold will begin to grow in the dryer. This unpleasant and moldy odor will transfer to your clothes. Especially in the summer, you cannot leave your clothes in the dryer for too long. The clothes made of polyester or synthetic fiber should never be left in the dryer at the end of the cycle. The clothes made of this material can hold smell and harbor bacteria for a long time. The mildew can cause clothes to stink and can shrink them. Ensure that you take out the laundry as soon as the dryer cycle ends. 


#2. Lint accumulation

Lint accumulation in the dryer can cause your dryer to smell like mildew. Typically, the dryer comes with a lint trap. When the trap is clogged with lint, you have to clean it. If you ignore the cleaning of the lint trap the lint from the dryer keeps building up and spreads around your dryer and laundry room. The other place the lint can accumulate is in the vent of your dryer. When the vent is clogged with the lint it will affect the ventilation. The moist air trap inside the dryer. The moisture in the dryer will cause the growth of the bacteria and the mold. As a result, it will take more time than usual to dry the clothes. 

The accumulation of lint can increase the risk of fire. The lint is flammable and, an excess amount of lint in and around the dryer is hazardous. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the lint trap and the vent. You can locate the lint trap on your dryer. Remove the lint trap and clean it thoroughly. You can use a soapy water mixture to get rid of the accumulated lint and dirt from the lint trap.  

If you have not cleaned your dryer vent in a long time, clean it immediately. First, using vacuum clean all the lint around the dryer. Then pull out the dryer vent from the exhaust hood. Use a vacuum to clean the exhaust hood and the vent. To clear away all the debris and lint from the vent, you will have to clean it again using a brush. Use a stiff brush that is in the vent cleaning kit. Connect the brush to the power drill. Slowly push the end of the brush into the vent. Slide the brush deep into the vent. Ensure that you clean the vent thoroughly so that there is no lint clog left. 


#3. Overloading  

Each model of the dryer can hold a specific amount of clothes. Before purchasing the dryer, make sure you check it is capacity. Overloading, the dryer can also cause the dryer to smell like mildew. The increase in load than the dryer capacity can result in damp laundry at the end of the cycle. An increase in laundry also causes excess lint. The more garments you add more the lint clogs inside the dryer and the vent. Instead of drying many clothes in one cycle, divide your laundry into small batches. 


Secret Cleaner Recipe To Get Rid Of The Smell

To get rid of the mildew smell, you will have to clean the dryer. To deodorize your dryer, you will have to use a cleaner. To make cleaner at home, take a spray bottle.  Add 300ml of water to it and pour one tablespoon of dishwashing detergent. Add half a tablespoon of vinegar. Shake the bottle a few times and spray it inside your dryer. Leave it for two to three minutes and then clean it using an old t-shirt. If needed you can add bleach to your cleaner as well. So, here’s why does my washer smell and how to prevent and clean it.


It’s A Wrap! 

At this point, you must know the answer to your question about why does my dryer smell like mold. The unpleasant odor from the laundry makes your work double because you will have to rewash it. Therefore, to avoid all these issues, you must take good care of your appliance. It is recommended to deep clean the appliance at least once in four months.

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