Why Does My Dryer Smell Like It Is Burning? 7 Surprising Reasons!

Do you wonder and ask: why does my dryer smell like it is burning? Accumulation of lint or some other typical issues, including a broken compressor, engine, or pulley, might be the major causes of this burning smell that comes out from your dryer. 

The burning odor from your dryer should be taken seriously, although don’t panic in this situation. Try to handle the issue; the first step is disconnecting your dryer and putting out your dryer drum clothes.

It’s the safest choice for avoiding a flame in your laundry and the dryer; after that, follow the troubleshooting steps further to figure out what’s causing the dryer odors. Let us have a deep look at the article! 


Reasons Of Burning Smell In The Dryer

Dryers generate a great deal of heat. Inside, each contains its separate heating element. Temperature is vital to aid mainly in evaporating water from clothing, but excessive heat is unwelcome. 

Humans possess a sense of smell that allows us all to detect if anything has gotten excessively heated. A scorching, burning odor emanating from the dryer is never a good indication. It’s a cause for concern if we feel scorching or burned inside the household. We smell throughout the room, examining plugs and devices for potential fire hazards or broken items. Whereas if odor points to the dryer, we’ll assist you in finding out what’s necessary to repair it. So, why does my dryer smell like it is burning? Below, we have discussed the main reasons for the burning smell from the dryer; just read them carefully. 


#1. Lint accumulation

The accumulation of lint is the primary and also most significant prevalent cause. Lint was made up of delicate, bouncy garment fibers that fall off throughout the drying process. Lint is taken up and transported out across the exhaust pipe primarily by a heated flow of air, and it also settles on just about everything. That’s why it is necessary to empty the lint trap. The problem is that dried lint is highly combustible and, once heated, may scorch like a flicker.

When swirling lint gets in touch with your dryer heat components, people might notice a powerful stench of burned dirt for a short period, or even the odor may linger. For two primary reasons, the lint could be overheating on the dryer’s heated component.


#2. Lint buildup overflow

If indeed the lint from the dryer exceeds the hot exhaust pipe, this could enter the drier casing and be exposed to the outdoors. This lint fires and emits a suffocating odor.


#3. Exhaust ducts lead lint to go away

One more possibility would be that the vent system is not correctly closed, allowing lint to escape by itself. If you notice a foul smell surrounding your dryer, it’s possible that your dryer’s exhaust ducts have to be checked and fixed. I guess it’s helpful to read about dry clothes faster with a dryer duct booster.


#4. Thermostat failure

If there is no visible lint within the dryer, then the thermostat might well be malfunctioning. Whenever your dryer’s thermostat fails, it cannot recognize or adjust the heat within the dryer, causing it to become excessively heated, emitting unpleasant odors. Using the seller’s handbook to eliminate the thermostat from the dryer, it is still disconnected. To check the thermostat, use an ohmmeter. The thermostat must be changed when the ohmmeter registers something other than zero.


#5. Overheated elements

Another possibility is that the dryer heating element is overheating, burning adjacent objects, dust, and perhaps garments. This heat source in the dryer, along with the tumbling, is now at the heart of the machine’s functionality. Thus a malfunctioning heating element would be a severe problem. This issue is due to the heating element itself, or maybe your heat control system is malfunctioning.


#6. Damaged dryer belt

A rubberized drive belt spins the dryer drum in most dryers, especially older ones.  Because of contact or friction with the heated component, the drive belt might burn if it’s outdated or falls off in place.  Check within the dryer for a lengthy rubber drive belt and ensure it’s wound securely (though not too firmly) over the drum of the dryer. Examine this for symptoms of deterioration, such as shrinking, burning, or breaking.  If something looks like your belt will have to be changed, bring this to the retailer to ensure that you will get the correct replacements. Know how to replace a dryer belt.


#7. Burnt dryer motor

Your dryer contains a motor, just as every other machine has self-moving components, and as every electrical device. Whenever a motor reaches a certain age, it begins to wear out. Whenever an engine burns out, its breaker suddenly falls open and closes, causing the beginning wound to be overheated. It quickly shortens and eventually commences to burn within the dryer box, causing the entire machine to smell as it was on fire. Because the engine is in charge of rotating your dryer wheel, the cylinder would stop moving and give a burning smell if it malfunctions.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading it, you get the answer to why does my dryer smell like it is burning. The above-mentioned reasons are the significant possibility of this burning smell from the dryer. Just read all these reasons carefully to understand. Thank you, friends, for being with us! Click on these links to read related articles; know why does my dryer smell and why does my dryer smell like gas.

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