Why Does My Dryer Keep Tripping The Circuit Breaker? 7 Surprising Reasons!

Are you wondering why does my dryer keep tripping the circuit breaker? There are many reasons circuit breakers keep tripping. And these things you will know as you delve into this article further. 

If your circuit breaker is weak, it will stumble again and again when the voltage of the in-circuit and dryer does not match. You need to check your dryer circuit; if it is faulty, immediately replace it to make your dryer safer.

why does my dryer keep tripping the circuit breaker

Also, check your heating element because if the heating element increases from its normal position, it will cause circuit tripping. A lousy motor is also a well-known circuit tripping reason, so keep your engine well to avoid this kind of situation. Finally, immediately examine your dryer’s motor breaker, and if you find it weak or damaged, replace it to keep your dryer working properly. Let us get closer to it.


Reasons Why My Dryer Keep Tripping The Circuit Breaker

So, why does my dryer keep tripping the circuit breaker? There are several reasons behind tripping a circuit breaker, and the below-mentioned reasons will tell you why my dryer keeps tripping the circuit breaker.


#1. Dryer’s bad motor

Before looking into your wiring for the source of a tripping circuit, you might want to look at your dryer’s internal processes. You may have a faulty motor if the dryer trips the course after only ten min of use. First, switch off the dryer’s power supply. Then, remove the motor and use a multimeter to check for connections. You’ll have to replace the engine if there’s a short.

Checking the bearings is another approach to inspect the motor. The motor bearings I’m referring to are the interior components that keep your machine’s motors functioning smoothly; you cannot emphasize their significance in ensuring that your equipment runs appropriately. Your bearings may become blocked with dust due to prolonged usage, preventing the motor from achieving its usual operating frequency.


#2. Faulty start switch

Check to see whether the start switch on your dryer is locked in the “start” position. This is problematic because an automatic “start” state damages the machine and your circuits. It pulls large currents for long durations, overworking your breaker and causing it to trip. Click on this link to know how to fix a dryer that wont spin.


#3. Loose wiring in the terminal block

A dryer’s electrical wiring passes through with a terminal block, which distributes electricity all across the machine as needed. If a part in the terminal block fails, your dryer may unintentionally trip your breakers. Check for loose wires in your dryer’s terminal block, which can cause electrical arcing and short out your machine’s circuits.


#4. Faulty circuit breakers

Such a dryer is likely tripping the breaker due to a problem with the circuit breaker. Circuit breakers trip for safety to prevent an electrical current from overloading and short-circuiting. Overloading or shorting out a circuit breaker can result in a fire or severe harm. Circuit breakers are generally made to keep the typical draw of power low to avoid this from happening. However, because it cannot manage the specific electricity consumption, a circuit breaker that is not operating will trip again and again.

A ten or twenty-year-old breaker may become brittle and trip, resulting in an electrical outage. In an older home, it may be time to change the breaker.


#5. Examine thermal resistor

A faulty thermal resistor might cause your dryer’s problem. A thermal resistor controls the heating in the dryer. If it’s broken, it won’t switch off the dryer’s heating components, causing it to heat up forever.

The dryer is drawing too much electricity, and the breaker will trip. Was there something you can do in this situation? You should inspect the thermal resistor (also known as “thermostat”). They can disconnect the dryer and come back later if it is not damaged. Please remember that the dryer will continue to heat up and suck electricity.

The amount of heat in a dryer is controlled by a thermal resistor. It’s close to the size of a dime and is found in the heating element most of the time. First, disconnect the dryer and use an ohmmeter to check for conductivity.


#6. Heating element

The dryer automatically trips the circuit breaker if the heating element malfunctions and shorts out. Please use a multimeter to check for continuity between the terminals and the casing to see if it’s broken. The heating element is shorted out and replaced with continuity with the cover. It may be helpful to read about
how do I fix my LG dryer that won’t heat.


#7. Weak motor bearing

 A buildup of grit or dirt on the dryer’s bearing may eventually wear them out. This might occur due to regular wear and tear or a lack of upkeep. The motor uses more power as it begins to revolve with increased intensity. This is often enough to trip the circuit breaker; therefore, it’s critical to rectify any issues as soon as possible.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned why does my dryer keep tripping the circuit breaker? These are all the reasons we mentioned above; carefully read these reasons and identify the actual cause of your dryer tripping and rectify them. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us! It may also be a good idea to read about why your dryer is making a clicking noise.

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