Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Pillow? 7 Intriguing Reasons!

Most pet owners want what’s best for their dogs, and their usually called “man’s best friend” but why does my dog sleep on my pillow?

Dogs are usually sweet and clingy to their owner, they are playful, jolly but can get irritated if they are uncomfortable.

why does my dog sleep on my pillow

Knowing how clingy they are, some dogs lay on their master’s bed. They invade your mattress and pillow you use for sleeping.


Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Pillow?

Dogs are great to be with inside the house. They help us in securing our surroundings.

Isn’t it bothering you why your dog sleeps on your pillow? Keep reading, and you’ll know why.


Step #1. It gives them comfort

The first and maybe most clear reason behind why your canine likes to rest on your cushion because of how comfortable pillows are.

Pads are delicate, pliable, and snuggly, making it the ideal spot to rest soundly around evening time.

It’s agreeable enough that you need to mull over it, correct? Odds are your little guy believes it’s a decent nap spot, as well.


Step #2. Leaving a mark

On the other side, your canine may believe he’s the pack chief.

Does he run in front of you on strolls, act forcefully towards you or then again give different indications of predominance over you?

It means that he needs some preparation to remember you as the alpha of the pack.

Whether he doesn’t attempt to rule you yet, you have an accomplice, kids, or different pets; he could be denoting his domain over them instead of over you.

Canines are possessive, and even though they ordinarily prefer to go in packs, they would choose not to share the consideration and assets their essential human gives.

Resting on your cushion is a path for them to spread their aroma and declare predominance over different pets or people in the house.


Step #3. To create a bond

Canines in the wild intuitively rest in a group with their pack individuals, and families mainly make a point to sleep together.

Infant doggies cuddle intimately with their mom or the two guardians for security, yet also since resting near one another aides shape and fortify a nearby bond.

Dozing on your pad could be your canine’s method of interfacing with you and fortifying your relationship.


Step #4. For protection

Your dog may not be resting on your cushion only for his security, yet for yours, as well.

Canines are incredibly defensive of their proprietors, and dozing on your cushion permits them to look after you as the night progressed.

A few pets even check their proprietors’ breathing to ensure they’re alright.


Step #5. To seek attention

A few canines will lay on your pillow to get a response out of you or sign that they want to play. It is more usual in little dogs, and it’s regularly scholarly conduct.

If you try to get your dog out of your bed by moving it or using treats to draw your pet out of the spot, it might be a thought and fun approach to get a few contacts, recess, or treats out of you.


Step #6. For security

Do you realize how certain aromas are soothing to you, similar to the smell of hot cocoa on a chilly day?

Indeed, your fragrance has a similar quieting impact on your canine.

If he lays down with you on your pad around evening time, it very well might be because it presents to him a conviction that all is good to be as near you as could be expected.

Dozing on your cushion likewise gives him a portion of your body heat alongside your aroma, making it the comfiest spot in the entire house for him.

At the point when you’re not at home (like in the daytime while you’re grinding away), your cushion may, in any case, be your puppy’s chosen cuddle spot just because it smells like you.


Step#7. Due to Imitation

Another motivation behind why your canine dozes on your cushion is that he’s impersonating your conduct.

We would use dogs in the world with certain characteristic impulses.

However, they likewise follow their pack chief and think about who that pack chief is? You!

Your canine perspectives you as the top of your pack and needs to be much the same as you, so he lays his head where you do and rests where you rest.

Keep in mind; impersonation is the best type of adulation!



Dogs are protective and clingy. They only want what’s best for their fur mom and dad and I consider them as example of a selfless being.

Now we have answered the question “why does my dog sleep on my pillow?”

If you don’t want this to happen, you might want to buy them a bed or a pillow.

Have a good day!