Why Does My Bed Feel Damp? 5 Best Things To Do!

You may be asking, why does my bed feel damp?

Well, there are many reasons why, and we will explain these reasons as you read further.

Yes, it’s very irritating if you feel like your bed is damp.

Who wants to sleep in such a thing, anyway? Not me, of course!

That’s why you should know why it happens as well as the ways how to avoid this.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


Bed Feel Damp: What To Do

Why does my bed feel damp?

There are many reasons why.

Before everything else, you should know how to deal with this.

Here are the following:


#1. Using waterproof protector

Doing so is the best way for you to keep moisture from your bed.

Opt for one that is waterproof.

For instance, you can try an oilcloth mattress protector.

It’s sure to protect you from this feeling.

Plus, it can give protection against allergens and dust mites.

If the mattress protector you have is not waterproof, you should make sure that moisture won’t come to your bed.


#2. Using dehumidifier

Here’s the thing:

The normal humidity indoor is from 30 to 60 percent.

Beyond this point means that you may need a dehumidifier.

If you don’t have one, it can cause excessive moisture, building up microorganisms that cause diseases.


#3. Getting indoor plants

My friends, it’s a good idea to start loving indoor plants.

Although it’s simple to take care of them, it’s worth emphasizing that they are living things.

And that means that they have some basic needs, including water, lighting, and mineral salts.

It’s good to have one at home as it helps to absorb excess moisture from your atmosphere.

Perhaps, you can try plants such as Epiphytes and Xerophytes.

They are tested to reduce humidity.

But then, it’s not always good news; there are also dangers when keeping indoor plants.

Some of these plants may cause sensitivities to the skin, which you don’t want to happen.

Also, make sure that you don’t put a lot of it in your bedroom; it may lead to oxygen deprivation.


#4. Drying sheets properly

Well, you already know why there’s a need for you to dry your clothes; and that’s the same reason why you should dry your sheets.

So when it’s windy or sunny, you won’t have any problem drying these things.

But what if the weather you have right now is humid?

Perhaps, the best thing to do is to have a machine drier; for sure, it can help get rid of dampness.


#5. Treating the AC filters

Do you know that your AC is working hard, especially if there’s high humidity?

For you to make sure of proper indoor humidity, ensure the cleanliness of your filters.

It’s even best to conduct a regular system inspection.


Why Does Your Bed Feel Damp?

One factor why your bed feels that is that there could be a lot of air circulation.

And this occurs while you are tucked into cool bedding in a typically warm atmosphere.

Here’s the thing:

Warm air will combine with cold air after quite a short time, ultimately generating condensation on bedsheets.

Well, the resulting water is what gives you a damp feeling.

The most plausible explanation of why cold beds appear moist is that your body doesn’t possess wetness receptors.

Other than the fact that your body lacks these critical sensors, another factor contributing to this sensation is that we link moisture with coldness.

The combination creates a broad impression of the dampness of coldness and the pressure exerted by the sheets.


Ways To Dry A Bed That Feels Damp

Here are the ways how you can dry your damp bed:


#1. Using a dry towel

Get a dry towel, then use this to absorb the dampness of your bed.

Do so before the damp dries off.

Through this, you’re sure to get rid of the liquid to prevent it from draining deeper into your bed.

As much as you can, you should blot the spill.

Once it gets wet and heavy, you can replace it with another dry towel.


#2. Using a hairdryer

This solution is sure to be effective if there’s only a certain area that is wet.

Then, all you have to do is setting it to warm. Then direct it to the damp area.

That’s all that you should do, my friends.


#3. Using direct sunlight

The best way to dry your sheets is by drying them under direct sunlight.

Well, that what you usually do with your clothes.

However, to ensure that all areas are dried up, try turning it at intervals.


#4. Using air conditioning

To avoid sweating at night, you can always use your AC.

It’s also the best way for you to cool the room with a breeze.

As simple as it does, I’m sure you can dry your damp bed.


It’s A Wrap!

Some of you may like it if your bed feels dump.

For others, it’s not, and you may ask, why does my bed feel damp.

Well, I already explained to you why.

To avoid this, you can plan; anyway, there are different ways how, and you can choose one according to your preference.

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