Why Does My Air Mattress Keep Deflating? 3 Best Reasons Why!

Why does my air mattress keep deflating?

An air mattress is a good mattress for temporary use, although some people use it daily.

Why does my air mattress keep deflating

Using this type of mattress comes with its pros and cons. One of the disadvantages is that this mattress deflated even when you did not do a thing.

That’s the mystery we need to learn today. Sometimes mattresses keep on deflating even if it is unwanted.

You will have to know because it may help you out how you can improve your sleeping experience.

Once you came home tired or you went on an outdoor trip tired, you would want to sleep on your air mattress as soon as possible.

But then again, you have to ensure that your mattress is comfortable enough and won’t deflate while you are sleeping.


Why My Air Mattress Keeps On Deflating?

Sleeping in an air mattress is feels like your body is floating.

Although laying down on your air mattress and it keeps on deflating isn’t a good thing at all.

It will be one of your biggest nightmares, if ever. No one would want to lay lower than what is intended.

You should feel like floating in the air, not sinking and falling on the floor. It will be so stressful if ever.

Don’t worry because there is something behind that mystery that will enlighten you.

There must be many reasons why this happens, but then you will have to know what’s familiar.

In that way, your confusion will somehow get smaller, and you do have an idea about why this happens.

So, why does my air mattress keep deflating?


Reason #1. It has holes

I sure do know that you have an idea of what air mattresses are made of; these are plastic and rubber.

Right into that is all air molecules that make it pop and be able to resist your pressure through the air in it.

Considering that its material is plastic and rubber, it may get poked by any foreign objects without you knowing.

But then do not worry, there are also several ways to know how you can find the hole in your air mattress.

Have this as your guide to locate it successfully.


Reason #2. Loose valve

This one is another reason your air mattress has a valve where the air comes in and out.

You usually close this one so that your air mattress wouldn’t lose the air inside it and prevent it from deflating.

In some cases, when the air mattress is filled up with too much air, when the person makes contact, the valve can snap.

That will cause the valve to loosen up. Continuous pressure applied onto your air mattress can result in this.

But then again, it is up to you how you should act on this problem. Continuous checking on your valve can be a solution.

You may also put duct tape all around it so that you can have a guarantee that it won’t loosen up.


Reason #3. Temperature

Another reason why your air mattress deflates is because of the sudden change of temperature.

Do you even know that heat makes a thing expand? Because the particles are much closer to each other.

That is why your air mattress is much tighter and filled during the daytime due to the sun’s hot temperature.

Yet, as the dawn comes, the moon starts to shine up in the sky together with the sun.

The wind breeze becomes even colder, which signifies a change in temperature inside your room.

Your mattress deflates due to the sudden change of temperature. As much as possible, keep it warm.

Throw mattress toppers or bed covers onto your air mattress to keep it warm. Limit using air coolers, especially at night.

Do not worry because there are proper ways as to how you should be doing this to avoid confusion.

These are the reasons why your air mattress keeps deflating; read this article to know how to prevent that from happening.


Is This Normal?

To tell you frankly, it is. It is usual for your mattress to deflate. You may be confused, but I’ll let you know why.

Air mattresses come with different materials, and quality its durability is also different.

But their purpose is all the same, which is to be used for a short moment indoors and outdoors.

This kind of mattress is not advised to be used for an extended period since air is the only thing that builds it up.

Support may be the problem you will be facing here. Adding to that is your weight that the mattress needs to hold.

And with that, your air mattresses deflate more than the usual time it should be deflating.

To know more about mattresses, most especially air mattresses, look up blogs like this one to know the reasons why this type of bed keeps deflating.

You might learn a lot more than these ideas.



When the time comes that your air mattress isn’t lasting good enough and keeps on deflating, you must act on it.

In which answering this “Why does my air mattress keep deflating?” is necessary.

And that would mean no more mystery and just facts and necessary information for your knowledge.