Why Does My Air Mattress Have A Bubble? 5 Best Reasons!

Why does my air mattress have a bubble? Well, there are four best reasons why; and you will know what these are as you read along the article.

I know why you love an air mattress because it is pretty convenient and comfortable.

Why does my air mattress have a bubble

Not until it starts to have some bubbles in the middle.

They will cause the bed to deform, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep.

And most people who are dealing with this problem often resort to buying another mattress.

Good news! You can avoid spending money because, in this post, we will teach you the easy way to fix your problems with bubbles.

But before that, let us look into the common causes of bubble formation in your air mattress.


Reasons Why Air Mattress Have A Bubble

Air mattresses are comfortable, not until bubbles start to form.

So, why does my air mattress have a bubble?

Here is a list of reasons why your air mattress has a bubble:


Reason #1. Bad factory bonding

If the bubbles in your mattress start to develop after you use it a few times only, it simply means that the factory bonding is poor.

Something likely happened when the air bed is being manufactured.

Inadequate factory bonding on the mattress’s seams is the most common reason for the bulges in your brand new bed.

In case your mattress is still under its warranty terms, we suggest that you return it and get a replacement as soon as possible.


Reason #2. Over inflating

Over inflating the mattress often can also lead to the formation of bubbles.

Please note that the air beds’ seams are not that strong, so forcing excessive air can cause bulges to form due to pressure on its seams if you do it frequently.

But if you over-inflate your air mattress just now, do not worry because it wouldn’t be a problem if it only happens very rarely.

The story would be different if you habitually overinflate your air mattress.

It will wear out faster than expected.


Reason #3. Too much weight

Most of the air mattress comes with weight capacity indications to guide you.

So keep in mind that figure to avoid exceeding it.

Filling the inflatable mattress with too much air can lead to strains and punctures onto its material.

As a result, the internal seams will also be damaged, increasing the chance that bubbles will form in the mattress’s entirety.


Reason #4. Effect of aging

A regular mattress generally has a maximum lifespan of 20 years.

For air beds, it would only range from one to two years.

Even the best ones cannot last longer than this, especially when you are using them constantly.

Meaning to say, if your mattress has served you for several years already, you must not be shocked anymore if bubbles begin to form.

Air mattresses wear out through time. Thus you might want to patch or replace it with another already.


Reason #5. Poor quality

There are numerous low-quality air mattresses available in the market today.

Be careful of those fantastic deals offered at a discount because they tend not to last that long.


4 Steps In Fixing The Air Mattress Bubble

Your air mattress having bubbles does not mean that it is already the end for it.

In most cases, you can still resolve the issue, so do not decide to buy a new one right away.

Here’s how you do it:


Step #1. Prepare your mattress

Before you can fix the problem with bubbles, of course, you will need to get the air mattress ready first.

Take out the pillows, pads, sheets, and any other beddings as these things can get in the way.

Also, check whether the bed comes with electric pumps.

If so, you must disconnect its cord from the power outlet first.


Step #2. Completely deflate the air mattress

After your success in uncovering the bubbles, you now need to deflate the air mattress.

You cannot fix the bubble problems if it is still inflated.

As such, make sure to let all of its air out first before doing anything.

This step will be more straightforward if your mattress is designed with an external air pump.

All you need to do in such as case is to open its nozzle, and the air will come out.


Step #3. Using pressure

To speed up the deflation process, you might want to add some pressure onto the air mattress.

Some inflatable mattresses also include a deflation dial that can make the process even easier.

Just continue applying pressure until the air bed is fully deflated.

Remember, you must not put some pressure on the air mattress spot where the bubble is.

As much as possible, you need to avoid applying pressure there until the bubble disappears completely.


Step #4. Inflating the air mattress again

Once you remove the bubbles completely, you can already inflate your bed again.

Want to learn more about air mattresses? This article might catch your interest.

Nevertheless, that is all.


It’s A Wrap!

We wouldn’t like it if the mattress has a bubble in it.

It will only make the air mattress look ugly, but it also makes anyone resting on that air mattress uncomfortable.

Luckily, it is not always necessary to buy a brand new product to eliminate the problem.

You can instead perform some steps to fix the problem with the bubble, and you can enjoy your air bed again.

We hope that you learned something in this article, “Why does my air mattress have a bubble?”