Why Does Dryer Smell Burnt? 5 Surprising Causes!

Is there a burning smell coming from your dryer, so you must be thinking, why does dryer smell burnt? It is alarming, and you should fix this issue immediately. To get rid of the smell, you must understand the cause. 

A dryer is an essential appliance of each household. It saves your time and space. It is quite advantageous for people living in small apartments and has little to no area for air drying.

Air drying the laundry is an option but, it takes a lot more time and is quite a hassle. You can effortlessly dry huge and bulky items, such as comforts and blankets. The burning smell from the dryer is a common problem among the users. The dryer produces a significant amount of heat. The dryer consists of heating components that are necessary for drying the clothes. However, excess heat is dangerous. Typically, the dryer gets heated up when there is a malfunction of any components. 


Causes Why Dryer Smell Burnt 

Below are the six reasons to answer your question; why does dryer smell burnt. The first step is to plug off the appliance when you smell the burning smell coming from the dryer. Next, remove the clothes from the dryer drum, then inspect your dryer. Never run the dryer when there is a sharp burning odor. Because it is dangerous and causes fire, read the causes given below to identify the issue with your dryer. 


Cause #1. Lint accumulation 

The most common cause of burning smell from the dryer is lint buildup. Lint can accumulate in two main parts of the dryer: the lint trap and the vent pipe. If you ignore the cleaning of the lint filter for a long time, the lint will spread into your dryer and laundry room. Lint is flammable and the dryer’s most common cause of fire hazards. When lint is accumulated in excess inside the dryer components, it will burn. The burning smell eventually spreads out into the laundry room. To get rid of the smell, you will have to clean the lint from the dryer. 

The vent when gets clogged with the lint: the ventilation of the dryer is blocked. The moisture from the damp clothes will no longer have passage to evaporate out of the dryer. The moisture will trap inside and, the clothes will be wet again. Therefore, the dryer will require more heat and time than usual to dry clothes.  

You will have to remove the lint trap and wash it with soap and water to fix this issue. Do not forget to vacuum the lint trap slot. Next, you will have to pull it out from the exhaust hood to clean the vent. Then vacuum the exhaust hood and inside the vent pipe. 


Cause #2. Faulty dryer belt 

The dryer consists of a rubber drive belt to the drum. Usually, the old models of the dryer consist of a dryer belt. When the belt is damaged or move out of its place it might come in proximity of a heating element. The rubber belt can melt from the heat from the heating components. Therefore, the burning smell will spread across your laundry room.

Open your dryer and inspect the rubber drive belt. If it is not in place, wrap it securely around the drum. Examine the belt for any damages like dryness, melting, and breaking. If the belt is damaged beyond repair, you will have to replace it. Ensure that you buy the rubber belt according to the model of your dryer.

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Cause #3. Failure of thermostat 

The thermostat controls the temperature inside the dryer. It switches on and off the heating elements inside the dryer to maintain the temperature. It also prevents the dryer from overheating by switching off the heat supply from the heating elements. In the case of a faulty thermostat, the dryer will fail to control the temperature inside. 

The temperature inside the dryer will increase and, it will become overheated. The heating elements will be on for a long time. The overheating of dryer components can melt the few elements inside and will cause a burning smell. Use a millimeter to check the thermostat. If it is damaged, replace it. 


Cause #4. Old motor 

The motor is a vital part of the dryer. An old or worn-out motor can burn and cause a burning smell. The other sign of the failed motor is loud noises coming from your dryer when operating. To replace a failed motor, call a professional. 


Cause #5. Failure of heating elements 

The heating elements are essential components of the dryer. They make the sir inside hot for drying clothes. First, examine the heating elements of your dryer for damage or rust. When the metal wire connection of the coil breaks, the heating elements fail to do their job. When the heating elements are damaged, you should replace them. Here is the cost to replace a heating element in a dryer.


It’s A Wrap! 

At this point, you should know why does dryer smell burnt. If you cannot repair your dryer, it is best to take professional help. The first step should be cleaning the lint from the dryer. Then inspect the other components. Remember dryer requires good care and maintenance.  

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