Why Do You Need A Bed Frame? 3 Best Reasons Why!

Why do you need a bed frame?

A bed frame is designed to support your mattress.

Why do you need a bed frame

It also supports the mattress base like a box spring.

It is necessary to keep your mattress in place when you are sleeping.

However, it is also an existing option not to buy a bed frame for your mattress.

Japanese people would agree that a bed frame is not a necessity for one to have a peaceful sleep.

A bed frame can be seen as a worthwhile investment for some people and only a luxurious choice for others.

Your answer to this question eventually depends upon your preferences as an individual and a consumer.

To help you decide, we will talk about the materials used in making a bed frame, its comparison from a bed base, and why you need one.


Types Of Bed Frames

The parts of a bed frame often include the header, side rails, footer, and legs.

Modern bed frames are made to be more aesthetic by removing the header and footer leaving a sleek design.

Though they serve a similar purpose, bed frames are made from a variety of materials.


#1. Wood bed frame

You are probably most familiar with this type as it is the most common.

Several bed frame styles are available with a wide range of woods to choose from as materials.

Wooden slats are often laid across the middle of the frame to provide support on the center.


#2. Fabric bed frame

Fabric bed frames use high-quality fabrics like leather.

More decorations are also available for this type of frame.

You can opt to choose soft coverings depending on the design you want.


#3. Metal bed frame

Certain kinds of mattresses like memory foam mattresses are heavy enough for other types of bed frames.

Typically made from materials like steel, metal bed frames are designed to bear more weight.

Some designs are created not just for support but also to prevent noise like squeaking.


Bed Frames Vs. Bed Bases

If you want a stable foundation for your mattress, a bed frame is a typical choice.

For the same purpose, you can also consider a bed base.

Check the differences in types of bed frames from the examples of bed bases below.



Foundations are comparable to box springs.

They are covered in fabric and added to the bed frame.

Woodes slats are used in place of springs and coils instead.

Aside from center support, it also allows good airflow.


Adjustable bases

This type of bed base is perfect for various activities like watching TV and reading aside from sleeping.

It gives you flexibility depending upon your desired angle.

Hybrid mattresses are usually used for this type of bed base because of the rigidity of traditional mattresses.


Platform beds

Platforms bed are simple yet utility-wise.

Characterized with solid slats, it is best for support.

All types of mattresses can be used in this type, whether memory foam mattresses or spring mattresses.


Reasons for Having A Bed Frame

Now, you know about the types of bed frames and bed bases.

With this familiarity, you are a step closer to making your ultimate decision of having a bed frame or otherwise.

The succeeding paragraphs will guide you as you explore the reasons why a bed frame is worth having.

Let’s understand why it is not a lost cause, my friend.

So, why do you need a bed frame?


#1. Aesthetics

A mattress on the ground looks unfinished.

The polished look the bed frame offers to you is a reason you have to consider.

You can choose a bed frame that suits the overall design and theme of your room.

Feng shui also suggests that an elevated bed allows the chi or energy to circulate.

It gives you a sense of stability when you’re resting on your bed on a bed frame.


#2. Storage

Your bedroom is not just about your bed.

Other things that occupy your room are just as important.

Choosing to have a bed frame maximizes the space in your room.

The space underneath the bed frame can be utilized for the storage of linens, suitcases, pillows, and comforters.


#3. Mold and insect control

Japanese futons are small comforters that can be laid out when used and folded when not.

Because of that, they are less susceptible to mold build-up.

Unfortunately, the case is not the same for thicker and bigger mattresses.

Longer exposure to the floor of these mattresses can lead to mold formation and for some insects to settle.

The moisture due to body fluids like sweat is also a contributing factor.

It can be a problem for your health if left unaddressed.



Why do you need a bed frame?

Bed frames provide support for your mattress and are made from different materials.

It can be a good buy if you have a budget but it does not mean it is a requirement.

Though usually interpreted as synonymous to bed bases, both are technically different.

For certain reasons that apply to your situation, buying a bed frame might be a necessity.

Thank you for reading this far.

I hope it helped you!

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