Why Do I Think About Death Before Bed? 4 Best Reasons!

Do you ask yourself, “Why do I think about death before bed?”

Commonly, people have their worst thoughts at night, which is why they tend to find it hard to fall asleep.

The thoughts can go on from being anxious to the feeling of hopelessness and isolation.

A lot of factors may have caused such particular thought and this can be associated with depression.

While you can manage some of the causes easily, others can be a bit challenging.

In this article, you’ll know why you’re thinking about death before bed.

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4 Reasons Why You Think About Death Before Bed

So, why do I think about death before bed?


#1. Fear

People diagnosed with somniphobia or the fear of dying tend to think about death before bed almost all the time.

Most people are afraid of the things that may happen while they are asleep.

If you worry about drying before you sleep, chances are you will also fear falling asleep.

This particular phobia can develop without cause. Most often than not, it starts in childhood.

As such, you tend not to remember when exactly that fear starts or why.


#2. Rumination

This is common among people with depression.

They tend to ruminate or think about issues and events in the past repeatedly.

Most often than not, they would imagine those events with different outcomes.

You are more prone to rumination if you are alone and nothing is distracting you.

Fatigue is also one factor that can make you feel down when the day ends.

Although rumination is normal, making this a habit is unhealthy, and it may worsen anxiety or depression.


#3. Disruption of your circadian rhythm

Circadian rhythm is your internal sleeping clock.

When it is disrupted, you tend to think about negative thoughts more often including death.

This is often due to too much light exposure during the night, jet lag, or working at night.

In essence, you should be active in the daytime and ensure to get quality sleep during the night.


#4. Losing a loved one

If you recently lost someone close to your heart, especially when it is very sudden or unexpected, you will tend to think about your death too.

You will think about what will possibly happen to you when you die, and these thoughts often spur you when you are about to sleep.


Symptoms Of Depression

Thinking about death before bed can be associated with depression.

It is among the many other symptoms of anxiety or depression.

If you notice the following symptoms for quite some time now, then it might be possible that you are suffering from depression.

  • Eating less or more than usual.
  • Gaining or losing weight
  • Sleep issues like sleeping difficulties or sleeping too much
  • Losing pleasure or interest in things you used to enjoy
  • Irritability
  • Lacking energy
  • Crying
  • Pain such as stomachaches or headaches
  • Feeling anxious or sad
  • Hopelessness
  • Restlessness
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Feeling helpless, guilty, or worthless
  • Feeling lonely or isolated


Coping Mechanism

Below are some of the strategies that you can to break your nightly thoughts about death.

These are also helpful in curbing out the symptoms of depression.


#1. Creating positive thoughts

Before you sleep, try to pray or meditate, as these can help in creating positive thoughts.

If you fill your mind with positive thoughts, there will be no room left for you to think about death or any other negative thoughts.


#2. Problem-solving those negative events

If you ruminate oftentimes, you do not only try to replay some events, but you also think for the possible reason why a particular thing happened to you.

You will also try to ponder upon why can’t you cope up with it and what’s wrong with you.

These thoughts can lead to helplessness.

But instead of thinking that way, you can pause and try to identify a step that you can take to solve the problem.

You can try to call your friend and ask for help in brainstorming to solve the problem.

This proactive action can interrupt your thoughts while allowing you not to feel helpless anymore since you can regain control of the situation.


#3. Practicing good sleep hygiene

Only go to bed when you are exhausted to have less time to think about the negative events in your life.

If you are not sleepy yet, try to read a magazine or book.

You can also try making the room dark so that you will not be disrupted from your sleep.

Try to install room-darkening slides or shades.

Also, remember not to leave your TV on.

It would help if you also minimized screen exposure before bedtime.

Make sure to turn off any electronics device an hour before bed so that you can maximize your time to sleep.

Exposure to the screens before going to bed will interrupt your sleep, thereby affecting the quality of your sleep.


It’s A Wrap!

Why do I think about death before bed?

Thinking about death before bed is a symptom of depression and it can be triggered by different things.

But you will be able to cope up with it.

Start thinking about positive thoughts.

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