Why Do I Sleep With A Pillow Over Head? Why Not?

I sometimes asked myself this question, why do I sleep with a pillow over head? But I feel relief with this practice. It gives me a good rest, giving comfort to my body and sound sleep.

I doze quickly upon lying down with a pillow over my head. 

Why Do I Sleep With A Pillow Over Head

But allow me to discuss with you the benefits of this, the comfort while on rest—the contribution to your health, and the importance of good sleep. 

Enjoying every moment while you rest, you should also know the disadvantage of this. 

Continue reading, and you will discover the helpful way of your sleeping manner, and at the same time, you will be aware of the risk of this. 


Why I Should Sleep With A Pillow Over Head?

Why do I sleep with a pillow over head? Others may find this habit odd, but I discovered the essential benefits of this.

  • First, it blocks the natural and artificial lights in your room. 
  • Secondly, eliminate the muffle ambient sound of surroundings.
  • Thirdly, it gives a gentle touch of pressure over your head. 

Medical practitioners emphasized the importance of uninterrupted sleep. Good sleep is where your body develops the greatest rejuvenation from within.

It gives good health benefits for your nervous system, your heart, and also for your memory consolidation too.

Putting a pillow over your head is a simple sleep trick; it will eliminate the light that will redirect it to your brain that it is now the time to sleep.

The peacefulness of surroundings also contributed to condition your mind that it is time to sleep. It will ease your body and will start to relax.

Your mind will stop worrying about something and starting to give the signal to the whole part of your body to fall asleep.

The quietness and darkness around you make you calm and relax. You are giving it peace from within you and dosing you to outside the world.

If you are a night shifter, this is best for you. You will surely enjoy your day’s sleep. 

Find the right pillow to use, and it is not just anything. Find something much lighter that will not put too much pressure on your head.

It is best if the pillow has a contour where it can tuck around the curves of your head. That allows plenty of space for breathing, flexible, and can insulate the noise around you.

You can find some of these pillows in the market, and they usually call it the crown pillow, or you may make one for yourself. 

Now that you know all the benefits of a pillow overhead, you should also know the disadvantages of it, so you will be aware. 


Why Not Sleep With A Pillow Over Your Head?

Finding the benefits is much fun, but you should be aware of the consequences of every action.

Your manner of sleeping contributed to your body structure and muscle and physical conditions. 

A pillow over your head is ok as long it doesn’t affect your breathing and back pain. When you wake up and feel tired or waking up at night, you should consider changing your sleeping habit. 

Keeping a pillow over your head reduces the free flow of air that blocks the oxygen supply of your body resulting in disturbed sleep, or worst of all, you will be suffocated. 

Another thing is your face, and your full face is pressed against the pillow for 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

The skin on your face underwent so much pressure, and eventually, your face will flatten, which will trigger wrinkles. For sure, this winkle thing you don’t want to have in your face. 

Too much tension around your head also develops a headache.

Covering your face accumulates a significant amount of carbon dioxide around your face. 

You will also experience fewer sleep apneas (when you stop breathing for 3 to 10 seconds while you’re asleep). 

Higher heart and respiratory rates and peripheral skin temperature this is because of oxygen deprivation. 

A rebreathing also occur when you cover your head with a pillow.

You will inhale the area that you just exhaled because of the restricted space that surrounds your face. The result would be a depletion of oxygen in your body.

This microenvironment develops when you sleep with a partially covered head like a pillow. 



So, why do I sleep with a pillow over head? I already discussed with you the advantages and disadvantages of this sleeping habit.

You will enjoy the comfort of undisturbed sleep, a resting peace, and a sweet good night’s sleep.

You are waking up with much energy to face the new day. Good sleep will enhance beauty from within you. If you have a good rest, your body is more relaxed, and your flexes are more active.

Your skin radiates as it rejuvenated for the night. You will have a good disposition for the day.

A good outlook in life, and you will appreciate the beauty of life and enjoy every minute of it.

Good sleeping habits contributed a lot to our daily life. It will make us a better and wiser person.

But take precautionary measures on it for you knew exactly the effect of it.