Why Do I Have Neck Pain With An Adjustable Bed? 9 Best Tips!

Why do I have neck pain with an adjustable bed?

People usually experience neck pain not because of adjustable beds.

why do I have neck pain with an adjustable bed

But, because of the wrong sleeping position or the way you sleep and pillow position.

Instead, studies believe that one of the health benefits and advantages adjustable beds have is neck pain relief.

Probably everyone has had a painful or sore neck at some time in life.

Along with bone fractures, back and neck discomfort are among the most frequent debilitating muscle or bone ailments; the statement was according to the World Health Organization.

Neck pain might make it challenging to get a good rest at night.

However, taking a few changes to your sleeping habits can help you handle your neck soreness.

Also, it keeps you from sleeping in uncomfortable positions for hours at a time.

Moreover, pillows also affect neck pain.

For you to relax and feel better while sleeping, your pillow must be high as four to six inches.

If you want to know more about neck pains and adjustable beds, keep on reading!


How Can an Adjustable Bed Reduce Neck Pain?

An adjustable bed has a promising ability to aid the needs of people who experience pain such as neck and back pains.

An adjustable bed can your bed into an inclined position.

Where in, it is more relaxing and comfortable than sleeping flat on an ordinary mattress.

In addition, the inclined position often gives relief for people with back or neck discomfort.

Tilting your head 45 degrees lessens tightness in the spine, reducing discomfort.

In addition, the angled head prevents neck pains by offering a well-supportive foundation that eliminates the need for several pillows.

Moreover, elevating the foot of your bed makes your knees bent and your legs lifted.

This position helps relieve unnecessary strain on the spine.

Adjustable beds can help to relieve some of the pressure and discomfort associated with these illnesses.

So, “why do I have neck pain with an adjustable bed?” you may ask.

That might be because of your sleeping position.

Or you’re not comfortable with the setting of the adjustable bed.

You could still try to reset the bed settings until you find the desired height for you.


Tips To Prevent Neck Pain

There are things you need to do to prevent yourself from experiencing neck pain.

Here are the following:


Tip #1. Find a convenient and comfortable sleeping position

Lying on either side or back helps maintain your head in the proper posture.

This allows you to prevent experiencing tension or pain.

However, even if you like it, lying on your stomach keeps your head and neck in an uncomfortable posture during the night.


Tip #2. Keep yourself hydrated

Water sustains and hydrates the cushions present in your neck.

Experts suggest that adults should drink at least eight big glasses of water every day.

This tip is the most robust solution if people want to avoid neck pain.


Tip #3. Take care of yourself

Making sure you’re adequately supported when sleeping is one of the best methods to avoid discomfort.

In addition, finding the right pillow or mattress to keep your body as you sleep will help you avoid muscular tension.

An adjustable bed offers support in your body.

It allows you to adjust how hard or soft you wanted in different parts of your body with the help of fitted weight adjusters.

Changing your bed to meet your requirements not only offers support to minimize neck pain.

But, it also increases circulation allowing you to receive the rest you need.


Tip #4. Get some sleep

Get enough rest.

Undisturbed long sleep can help with a range of illnesses, such as neck soreness.

Just remember to take precautions before getting some much-needed sleep.


Tip #5. Relax and unwind

Another major cause of neck discomfort is stress.

Make every effort to disconnect from any possible source of stress.

Place your phone on the table.

Pick up an excellent book.

Take a bath with some body wash, balms, or lotions.

Make sure your neck and head are adequately supported while in the bathtub.


Tip #6. Consider getting a massage

If your neck pain is severe enough, it will be worthwhile for you to invest some money in a relaxing massage.

Please make sure you go to an expert who understands what they’re doing.

Never a spouse who is only attempting to assist you.


Tip #7. Use ice

Ice packs are a simple, inexpensive, and efficient way to relieve neck discomfort.

If you don’t have any, place some cubes in a clean cloth and place them over the afflicted region for 10-15 minutes.

If your neck discomfort develops, remove the ice as soon as possible.


Tip #8. Stretch out your body

Neck discomfort can be relieved with simple, gradual stretching movements that relieve the stiffness connected with it.

Look for a decent neck pain workout regimen online.

It may include a mix of stretch and strength exercises, moderate aerobic training, and even trigger point activities.


Tip #9. Consider buying an adjustable bed

Adjustable beds are popular in providing better sleep to people.

You can achieve your desired sleeping position by just using a remote or doing it manually.

Furthermore, it allows you to experience an inclined position without any hassle or with the help of a lot of pillows.

By sleeping in this kind of bed, neck pain will surely lessen.

In the long run, your neck pain suffering will be gone.



“Why do I have neck pain with an adjustable bed?”

Adjustable beds do not produce neck pains.

Instead, it is the way you sleep or your wrong sleeping position that causes discomfort.

Since experts suggest an inclined or an angled position for you to experience better sleep.

Remember to take care of yourself and prioritize your comfort.

Do not neglect the pain you experience, as this may result in a more complicated illness.

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  1. That’s interesting because I’ve had my adjustable bed for a couple of years now and I wake up hurting everyday. I’m thinking the body isn’t meant to “bend” in a certain position all night which at your hip, it does put it in an awkward position sleeping on your side with elevating the top part of the bed.

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