Why Do Dogs Scratch The Bed? 3 Best Ways To Stop Them!

Are you wondering why do dogs scratch the bed? Well, there are many reasons; you will understand this as you read further.

Indeed, dogs are cute creatures. They’re even considered as best friends.

why do dogs scratch the bed

There’s no doubt why these animals became part of our family.

However, it can be frustrating whenever they scratch here and there, especially your bed.

In this article, you will understand why they act like that so that you can address this issue in no time.

Without further ado, let’s start!


The Origin Of Scratching And Digging

To understand dogs’ behavior, you need to have a little background about their history.

Do you know that before they’re even men’s best friends, dogs are considered wild animals?

For that reason, they need to survive. That’s why dogs have some habits that we may find strange at times.

Also, it can explain why dogs are fond of digging and scratching here and there.

They also have some destructive behavior, though it’s already their natural instinct.

One of the things your pet needs is shelter.

And because of that, it needs to dig so it is well protected against harsh environments.


Why Do Dogs Scratch Your Bed?

I know; it’s sad whenever you see scratches in your bed.

That’s why you should know why do dogs scratch the bed.

Here are the common reasons:


#1. Curiosity

Out of curiosity, your dog may scratch your bed. For them, it’s some sort of an investigation about something.

Sometimes, your dog may have thought that there’s something behind that cushions.

I guess you’re eating in bed or what, and that makes your dog want to have.

This action will allow your dog to uncover what’s hiding under your bed.

So, if you have stored a lot of leftovers in there, you most likely have seen scratches in your bed.


#2. Territory

You know how territorial these animals are.

Well, it’s not just true with dogs; your pet cats and other four-legged animals do to.

Do you know that your pet has scent glands found below its feet?

And this gland secretes a unique pheromone.

The action is a way for your pet to let others know that it already owned the bed.


#3. Anxiety

If the behavior already becomes compulsive, then your pet may be struggling with anxiety.

You already know the effect of anxiety on humans.

At some point, animals also need to have peace of mind.

So, if it bothers you and you want to cure this underlying problem, it’s necessary for you to seek help from your vet.


Ways To Protect The Bed From Dog Scratches

Other owners do not really mind such a behavior because they find it cute.

But, when it becomes destructive, you should already find some ways to stop this.

Don’t fret, my friends. There are various ways on how to protect the bed from scratches. Here’s how!


#1. Trimming your dog’s nails

Just like us, your pet needs to have a relaxing manicure.

You need to trim its nails regularly.

In this way, you can help reduce the damage it may cause.

Trimming its nails at least once a month may do.

For sure, this tip can prevent damage; at the same time, it can protect your pet against infections due to dirty nails.


#2. Giving your pet other options to play

Some pets would find it exciting to scratch the bed because it’s like they’re playing.

Yes, they become bored too, especially if you let them engage in some sort of a nighttime ritual.

If your pet doesn’t receive much stimulation, it will most likely find ways to entertain itself.

Maybe, you can try to give your pet some toys or let it walk longer so it becomes occupied.

And with that, your pet no longer would think about scratching your bed. Now you’re safe, my friends!


#3. Get a durable and high-quality bed

Here’s the most important thing to remember, my friends.

If you have a durable bed, you will less likely to think about scratches.

Why so?

Because a high-quality bed won’t get damaged easily.

So, even if your dog is fond of scratching or digging your bed every single night, it won’t be destroyed.

Moreover, if the bed is already cozy for your pet, then it won’t do the same.

For that reason, investing in a more durable bed will help you prevent scratches.

Try to have memory foam or an orthopedic dog bed.

I’m sure, you will love the result!


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you already know why do dogs scratch the bed.

Dogs have their natural instincts to dig and scratch.

They used to be wild animals. Even if they’re already domestic ones, they still adapt their behavior.

We cannot deny the fact that they’re dogs and that’s what they are.

The best thing to do is to have a high-quality bed; so no matter how many times they try to scratch it, it won’t get damaged easily.

Just remember that this behavior is manifested due to different reasons.

If such behavior is not manageable, seek help!