Why Do Dogs Pee On Beds? 5 Best Reasons Why!

So why do dogs pee on beds? Dogs usually pee in bed for several possible reasons, like health problems or training issues. This article will discuss the five possible reasons why your dogs pee on your mattress.

Moreover, dogs cannot start a conversation with you and tell you that he wants to pee. They cannot even speak or say our language. Therefore, they are not able to communicate with us. They can only convey their message by their loud barks, zoomies, and whimpers.

why do dogs pee on beds

You cannot get rid of going home with seeing the pee of your dog in the bed. This situation happened when you left your dogs inside your room.

Although dogs made this kind of mistake, you must not yell or punish them since it may cause trauma or anxiety. Your pet does not understand you and why you are angry unless you.

Instead of getting angry, find a solution to clean your bed by spraying it with disinfectant or wash it in the laundry. Furthermore, investigate what your dog is trying to convey to him peeing in your bed is also a sign that there is a problem.

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Reasons Why Dog Pee On Beds

There are multiple reasons why your dogs pee on your bed. Before attempting to treat any behavior issues, it is critical to rule out the major causes.

Here are the five possible reasons why do dogs pee on beds:


Reason #1. Health issues

A dog peeing on the bed might be a sign of a health problem. If your pet develops this kind of habit, you must take and consult your pet with a nearby veterinarian.

Urinary tract diseases are one of the major causes of the habitual peeing of your dogs in your bed. As you consult with the veterinarian, she may require your dog to undergo a urinalysis where you need to get a urine sample from your dog.

If your dog, unfortunately, has a urinary tract infection, the veterinarian will prescribe you antibiotics. Cystitis, crystals in the urine, kidney stones, congenital malformations, renal illness, and even malignancies are all possible urinary issues in dogs.

Medication, vitamins, and dietary modifications can all help with urinary problems. However, in critical situations, your dog may undergo surgeries.

Furthermore, uncontrollable peeing may also indicate possible health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, and obesity.


Reason #2. Emotional distress

Anxiety, tension, and stress are all factors that might drive a dog to pee in an unusual manner, like on your mattress. You may blame the distress encountered by your dog on the adjustments in its surroundings.

After ruling out any health issues, make your best attempt to decrease the stress of your dog. Dogs who are stressed or excited may lose control of their pee.

It is also conceivable that they are urinating on the mattress because they are usually frightened to go to their usual location if they are terrified of everything.

Moreover, dogs that pee in the bed are also connected to separation issues when their owner is not around. Thus, emotional distress may be one of the reasons why dogs pee on your bed.


Reason #3. Creating a territory

Territorial behavior is one of the most prevalent causes of why dogs pee on beds. Your dog is urinating in small quantities all over the home instead of peeing to ease himself.

He may be establishing his territory. Usually, male dogs are more likely to engage in this behavior. However, female canines are not immune to this kind of habit.

Several dogs who feel scared or worried will engage in this behavior, which is generally in answer to a newcomer like another pet.

Moreover, puppies tend to do this behavior since they do not yet undergo training.


Reason #4. Lack of training

Training your dog is essential. If you teach your dogs a specific location to eliminate their poop or urine, your bed will be free from these things.

Patience is the key to help your dog memorize what you say. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of training and errors to make. Thus, if you are not training your dog today, this is your sign!


Reason #5. Lack of control

Incontinence usually causes dogs to pee in different places, including your bed, unintentionally.

This phenomenon only happens when your dog is sleeping. However, some dogs eliminate their urine while they are not unconscious.

Incontinence is more prevalent in elderly dogs. However, it can also occur in puppies due to specific circumstances.

For example, urinary incontinence caused by hormones is frequent in female canines but can also infect other male dogs.

This kind of health concern has available cures and medications. Thus, you must consult your dog with a veterinarian.



Dogs pee in bed because of several reasons. These reasons are health issues, territorial problems, distress, incontinence, and lack of training.

However, you can still do something to solve this problem. This action of dogs is common. Thus, if this happens to you, you must prepare your cleaning agents and other disinfectants.

And this is all for the question “why do dogs pee on beds?” I hope you learned something!

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