Why Do Dogs Lick Bed Sheets? 8 Best Possible Reasons!

Are you wondering why do dogs lick bed sheets?

Well, there could be plenty of reasons behind this behavior which we will be talking about in this post.

why do dogs lick bed sheets

Knowing why your dog is licking the bed is important so that you will know what to do about it.

Below are the most common reasons for licking behavior among dogs.

So, without further ado, let’s start!

It’s time to know more about your pet.


Reasons Why Dogs Lick Bed Sheets

So, why do dogs lick bed sheets?

Here are the reasons why:


#1. Stress and tension

Just like humans, dogs also do unusual things to ease their stress.

Of the ways they do to ease their stress is to lick you or even your bedsheets.

Other than the licking behavior, the dog might also pant, whine, or shake due to pressure.

Through this, you can confirm that your dog is indeed under stress.

In such a case, you have to find a way to help your little pooch deal with it.

You can try to engage him in doing some regular exercises, consult a vet, or bring him somewhere quiet so that his nerves will be relaxed.


#2. Change in his diet

Another possible reason why a dog licks the bed sheet is the change in his diet.

It is believed that when a dog finds the new taste strange, he tends to look for the taste that he is familiar with.

Most often than not, the dog will head straight to your bed and stick his tongue to the bed sheet to seek the old taste.

You can either shift back to his usual diet or help your dog get used to his new diet in such a case.

It would help if you also stopped your pet from going to your bed after each meal.

To do that, try to give him a toy that can keep him distracted.


#3. Your dog loves the taste of the bedsheet

It is also possible that the bed sheet has a salty taste which your dog loves.

This salty taste might be attributed to the sweat you left on your bed.


#4. Strong affection for the bed

The dog will lick the bed sheet if he loves it.

Dogs are said to have a strong affinity for the things that they love.

If he loves your bed sheet, he will not only lick it, but he would want to be in it most of the time.

It would help if you commanded him to get off your bed immediately when you see him licking the bedsheets. S

If he responds to your command, make sure to reward him with a treat.


#5. The dog feels comfortable and secure on the bed

The dog might be licking the bed sheet because it is trying to make you aware that he feels safe and secure on the bed.

This behavior might also arise when he is feeling contented and comfortable with the soothing effect of the bed.


#6. Compulsive habit

The habit of licking the bed can come naturally to any healthy and active dog.

This behavior is something that they cannot stop easily unless their owners extend help.

So if the dog is licking the bed, it might be because he cannot stop it.

As such, you will need to help your pet out.

It would be best if you taught the dog the proper way to behave.

Command him and give a reward if necessary.

Furthermore, you can also limit him from getting near your bed.

But remember not to rebuke him because he might misinterpret it.

And if all the efforts you exerted seem to be effortless, then seek the attention of a dig expert.


Reason #7. Separation anxiety

Another reason that can potentially lead to licking behavior is separation anxiety.

The dog may want to remain in your bed after you left.

Or, when you are about to leave the house, he will exhibit some unusual body language.

This is their way to express that they will miss or are already missing you.

Furthermore, it could mean that they are lonely as well as anxious about seeing you again.

So if you have to go somewhere, try not to make it look like it so that he will not feel anxious, affected, or emotional.


Reason #8. Medical issue

The dog might also act unusual if he is suffering from a medical issue.

Some of the medical conditions that can lead to such an act include gastronomical pain, fungi or bacterial infections, and megaesophagus.

You will need to visit the vet immediately to find out what your dog is trying to endure in such a case.

His other ailments will also be discovered and treated by the dog expert.


It’s A Wrap!

It should not end up with knowing why do dogs lick bed sheets.

You must also take action to put an end to this behavior.

Furthermore, it would also be best to consult a vet as they can provide the help you need if you seem not to handle your dog’s behavior by yourself.

The main point is to ensure that your pet is not displaying such an unusual habit due to a medical condition.

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