Why Do Dogs Hide Under The Bed? 6 Awesome Reasons!

Are you wondering why do dogs hide under the bed?

Perhaps, you start noticing that your dog is not jumping around your bed or is sitting near you when you wake up anymore.

You try to find your pet everywhere and finds out that it is hiding under your bed.

Now, you worry why your canine is exhibiting such behavior all of a sudden.

But you should not worry too much because this particular behavior is harmless and can be associated with different things.

Nonetheless, it would help if you still did something about this because it can indicate a bigger problem.


Common Reasons Why Dogs Hide Under The Bed

Knowing the possible reasons why your dog is acting in a certain way is important so that you will know what you are going to do about it.

So, why do dogs hide under the bed?

Below are the common reasons for dogs hiding under the bed.


#1. For a cooler environment

Dogs find the space underneath the bed cool, particularly during summer.

This is especially true when there is a floor carpet below the bed that is not worn out.

Your pet will find it very comfortable to rest on it.


#2. Fear

Among other reasons in the list, this is the most common one.

Your dog might be hiding because there is something that is scaring him.

He will tend to find a safe spot and ensure that everything is fine before he will go out again.

If you think this is the case, you need to identify what could scare your dog.

At times, it could be something you do that unintentionally scares them.


#3. Stress and anxiety

If the dog is stressed out, he may also hide under the bed to deal with his anxiety.

Stress can be triggered by a traumatic experience or a new pet that bothers him.

Your pet might also be anxious if you recently moved into your new house.

Not only that, but anxiety might also arise when where there is a new addition to the family – may it be a new pet or a baby.

No matter what is bothering your pet, it is important to give him some time while adjusting.

If the behavior continues, consult the vet for proper anxiety treatment.


#4. Hiding treasures

It might also be possible that your dog stashes his possessions under the bed, such as his toys which can also be your slippers.

He might also hoard a bone under the bed for him to chomp later on.

Dogs choose to hoard stuff in areas where they find it safe, and under your bed can be their chosen spot.


#5. Sickness

If the dog is injured or ill, naturally, it would go somewhere safe where he thinks he is least vulnerable.

As such, if you can’t find any possible reason that is scaring the dog, then it would be a good idea to bring him to the vet as he might be sick.

It is not ideal for a sick dog to be under the bed because it is hardly accessible for you.


#6. Lack of alternative spot

Maybe the dog likes staying underneath the bed because there are no other spots in the house where he feels comfortable to rest.

If you have created a crate for your dog and train him to stay there, but he refuses to be in it, maybe you should make the resting spot more appealing to him.

For instance, you can add his favorite blanket and toy inside.

You might as well place his crate near your bed.

Use positive association and reinforcement to make the crate his primary spot for resting.


How To Get The Dog Under The Bed?

Earlier we have mentioned that such behavior is not harmful so you can leave your dog hiding there if and only if he seldom does it.

However, if this is a regular occurrence, then you will have to assess the situation.

As we all know, it is not easy to access the space under the bed, so it can be a problem to get your dog in cases of major emergencies such as a fire, for example.

Furthermore, frequent bed-hiding behavior can also suggest a major issue with the dog.

It is recommended to bring him to the vet if it is not triggered by fear or discomfort.

We want to emphasize that you should not force your pet out, especially when he is in a vulnerable state.

Eventually, the dog will come out later. Once he does so, it is best to give him a treat or pet him.

You might as well box up the underside of the bed so that it will prevent the dog from leading there. But ensure to provide him an alternative spot to rest.


It’s A Wrap!

Some of the reasons why do dogs hide under the bed are not something we need to worry about, as they might just be finding a spot where they can relax better.

However, if you noticed something unusual, it would be best to immediately bring him to the vet.

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