Why Do Dogs Dig In The Bed? 7 Best Explained Theories Why!

Have you ever watched your dog do a little ritual in their beds and wondered, “why do dogs dig in the bed?”

There are a lot of reasons to explain this situation.

why do dogs dig in the bed

And you have nothing to worry about since dogs do this to make themselves comfortable, or they are just playing a game by themselves.

It is natural for your dog to dig in their bed.

What an adorable sight to see your dogs bury their heads in the sheets and pillows, do you agree?

Though this behavior makes your heart burst with so much cuteness, you will still get curious why your dog does this.

This article will help you learn more about your dog and its digging behavior.

So, continue reading!


Common Theories Why Dogs Do Dig In The Bed

There is still no proven scientific explanation for why dogs exhibit this behavior.

But we looked up some of the most common theories as to why do dogs dig in the bed.

And here they are:


Theory #1. Adjusting to the temperature

You may happen to catch them digging onto their bed whenever they find their surroundings either hot or cold.

They are just simply trying to adjust and make themselves comfortable before resting or sleeping.

For example, if the environment is too cold, you would most likely find your dog snuggling into the sheets and pillows to make them warm.

So, if you frequently change the temperature of your room, make sure to also adjust it based on your dog’s liking.

This solution could help your pet settle in easier.

Also, most dogs love a heap of air blowing onto their faces.

So, you could try using a fan instead of an air conditioner to regulate the temperature for your little buddy.


Theory #2. They love to hide and find stuff

Dogs love to hide things and find them after a couple of hours or days.

It’s just like they’re playing a game with themselves, such as treasure hunting.

What a fun way to keep themselves entertained!

So, if you see your dog digging into the sheets of your bed, there’s a great chance that they hid something in there.

Well, you should probably check your bed from time to time because there might be a lot of hidden bones in there.

Just kidding, but there might be?

There are also some factors as to why dogs love hiding their things.

If you happen to live with more than just one dog, the reason could be that they have a rival and don’t want to share their belongings.

Or, they are hiding something from you. Oh no! Dogs are smart.

They would know that you won’t be allowing them to keep a particular thing.

And they would hide it in their bed in which they dig and dig until it is hidden entirely.


Theory #3. Dogs love exploring their environment

Just like how dogs love following their tail and butterflies, their digging could also be due to their curiosity about their surroundings.

Well, we’re all just wondering what’s going on inside their heads!

They might find your bed like a big, fluffy cloud and try to look for bones.

Or they are discovering more ways to camouflage and find a better position to hide from you.

In addition, when dogs catch an enthralling scent, they dig to find the mystery scent.

Dogs can build a better picture or idea of what creates the scent when they disturb the surface resulting in the release of odor particles.


Theory #4. To prepare their bed

Similar to the first reason, dogs dig into their beds to find a comfortable position for them to rest and sleep.

Just like humans, we could not sleep if we’re not comfortable.

For example, some people could only sleep if they have two or more pillows.

Dogs are not different from us!

One time, I noticed in my friend’s dog that when it woke up after a short nap, he dug into the bed several times and tried different positions for him to have a cozy slumber.

The explanation for their digging with relevance to this reason is that they prefer their shelter or resting place as something hollow and just the right size for them.

What could be more cozy and homely than this, right?


Theory #5. Boredom or anxiety

Dogs wanted to feel energized all the time!

They keep themselves entertained through a lot of things, such as scratching their heads, chasing their tails in circles, and also through digging!

These activities satisfy their needs to feel busy.

Or they dig when they’re lonely.

Digging in their bed can be an abnormal habit.

However, dogs dig to address their feelings and make them feel calm whenever dogs are stressed or anxious.

This habit usually happens when they are traumatized by a particular accident. Or when dogs are in an abusive relationship with their owners.

Be kind to every kind and stop animal cruelty!


Theory #6. Your dog is about to be a mom!

When you caught your pregnant dog digging, they are most likely getting ready for labor.

They exhibit this behavior to prepare a secure nest for their future babies and for a comfortable place to give birth.

This nest should be warm enough to nurse her puppies and to keep them hidden.

Parent mammals are recognized to be very protective of their babies, so they dig to provide them an unthreatened and secure home.

She will continue to dig until she is satisfied with her bed.


Theory #7. To mark their territory

This reason is only applicable if you happen to live with more than one dog or other kinds of pets.

Dogs dig their bed to mark their territory in which no one should take it away from them.

Thou shall not take what’s mine! So your tiny Shih Tzu might say to her other big friends.

This behavior explains that your dogs are just claiming their space.


To End

And that’s all! We hope that this article helped you get to know your little buddy more.

That is all the information we have gathered regarding the topic, “why do dogs dig in the bed?”

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Have a nice day and stay safe!

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