Why Do Cats Pee On The Bed? 2 Best Reasons Why!

Are you wondering why do cats pee on the bed? Do you have a pet cat that pees on your bed? Bet you want to know the reason why.

Well, do not worry because we will help you out on how you would know why.

Why do cats pee on the bed

You can’t just hate your pet for that reason. As cats also have reasons as to why they pee on your bed.

We will discuss more that later on. However, we are sure that there are a lot of valid reasons why.

Pets are meant to be treated right and loved. They bring happiness during bad times, truly a man’s best friend!

It would help if you had strong communication with them to understand why they are behaving that way.

As we discuss more, you will get enlightened, and you might not believe the reasons why.


Reasons Why Cats Pee On Bed

As a cat owner, you should be familiar with the way your cats act and how they react to certain things.

You have to know more about how they live and the things they prefer having.

Just like when you love someone, you always want to know more about them, especially their behavior.

The same goes for your pets. You need to know them better because that is your responsibility as the owner.

To stop your pet from peeing on your bed, it would be best to train them, but if they still do this even when trained, you have to seek answers.

Listed below are the reasons why do cats pee on the bed:


#1. Attention

The very first reason is that the attention you might be giving them is not enough.

Pets are very clingy, especially cats, they are timid at first, but then when they are used to your presence, they’ll be attached.

That is why you should keep up giving them the attention you had showed them from the start.

It would help if you still were persistent and loving towards them. Always make sure that you make your cat feel loved.

If you are a pet owner, you have to treat them like your other half or one of your family members.

Or else you will suffer the consequences. One, it will pee on your bed to make sure that you can give them attention.

And then one more reason is that their attention and love for you will fade slowly.

Be very mindful of your actions and your ways of approaching your cats. They are very loving but also sensitive.

Their way of coping is to have your scents mixed so he/she will feel better and closer to you.


#2. Anxiety and stress

One more reason pet owners should address this more seriously is the stress and anxiety of their pets.

It affects your cats badly. You should know how to address this kind of problem because it is no longer normal.

These can be bad for your cat and you also. If your pet keeps on doing this, you might get irritated.

But remember that all they want is your attention, and you need to observe their actions.

If you think that the first reason isn’t valid, you have to consider this one because it is very lethal.

You can observe the actions of your pets and then try to record them daily.

If there is something wrong with their routines, you should pay a visit to the clinic for animals.

Veterinarians know more about this stuff, and they can give you advice or take care of your cat first.

Indeed this is a problem for you. Not only that, but your cat is not feeling well. You will also get uncomfortable.

It would help if you took action as early as possible to avoid having a worse situation in the following days.

We are so sure that you can do something about it.


What Can I Do To Avoid This?

If you feel like your cat is experiencing a low attention span issue as they always pee, you can do this.

You can spend more time with them to show that there are times where your schedule is hectic.

Balance the attention you give them so that they would understand. Not all the time you can cater to your kitty.

Also, opt to buy diapers for cats if you would want to. You can also have them trained where to pee, only if you have extra money.

Another option is to check them regularly and consult a vet to help you out on what you should do.

Better yet, have them treated to avoid the instances that they pee on your bed or anywhere in the house.

You can always find ways to resolve the problem. You have to be more innovative.

Try to distract them, and you can also try to train them alone.

Cats love to sleep on beds where their owner resides. So, please don’t be too hard on your pet because they only want to be with you.

Nevertheless, if you find it a hassle, then apply the advice we gave you.



We are now at the end of our article. We hope that as we end this, you have learned a lot.

And with that, we have answered, “Why do cats pee on the bed?” You now have an idea about it.