Why Cats Pee On Bed? 5 Best Reasons!

Since cats are known for having low-maintenance toilet habits you cannot avoid questioning why cats pee on bed?

Usually, they are easily potty trained and the only intervention humans needed is to clean the litter box.

In fact, even those cats that have a habit of doing their affairs outdoors cover up their mess.

No one would disagree when I say that cats are a bit private in terms of their toilet habits.

This is probably the reason why people tend to get shocked when their sweet furry companion pee on the bed out of all places.

It’s just out of their character, right?

Some owners would instantly perceive this particular behavior as an act of revenge or rebellion.

But this can be due to several factors which we will discuss below.


5 Reasons Cats Pee On Bed

So, why cats pee on bed?

Although a lot of people think that cats pee on their beds primarily because they want to be sassy and all that, it might not be the case.

As mentioned, there could be numerous reasons that cause such a particular foul behavior.

Whether or not it is something related to a medical issue, the problem is quite serious and it has to be stopped.

But of course, for you to be able to that, you need to find out the possible root cause of the problem first.

It could be one or a combination of the following.


#1. Medical condition

Some cats might be having difficulty controlling their bladder.

This can be due to kidney disease, diabetes, or urinary tract infection.

This is usually the case with cats that urinate not only in bed but in other places as well other than the litter box.

In case you notice this particular behavior in your pet, you must bring it immediately to the vet.


#2. Litter box location

Even if your cat has a litter box, he may still pee on your bed and this is something unusual given that cats are private animals.

Cats prefer it if you place their litter boxes in a location that is peaceful where nothing can disturb them when they are doing their business.

Just like humans, cats too do not like to have anyone watching them as they are on the toilet.

So it is better to position the litter box somewhere they can enjoy their privacy.

It is not a good idea to put it in noisy areas such as near your dryer.

Instead, it is better to put it in an area that is well-lit, preferable in the quiet corner of your house so that there will be no disturbance.

In case there is a space in your house where your cat usually takes a fast getaway, it would also be wise to position the litter box there.

At this very crucial moment, cats do not want to be somewhere too vulnerable, trapped, or public so always keep these in mind.

The location of the litter box is important because if the cat will not feel comfortable using its litter box, there will be higher chances for it to pee on the bed.


#3. Stress and anxiety

Urination is a common coping mechanism for cats when they feel stressed or overwhelmed about something.

Cats can get anxious or stressed due to several factors causing them to pee elsewhere than their litter boxes and this could be on your bed.


#4. Attachment to the owner

Beds are commonly filled with the natural scent of anyone sleeping there which is why your cats tend to find it comforting to be in it especially when you are away.

In some instances, if your cat does not want to be apart from you, they would pee onto your bed so that their scent and your scent will combine.

They will find this very comforting.


#5. Jealousy 

A cat may get jealous if you get a new cat, dog, or any animal you will have as a new pet.

The same is true if you have a baby.

They will feel threatened so they will try to put a mark on their territory.

Unfortunately, your bed is among the primary spots that will be affected by this behavior.


How To Stop Cats From Peeing On Your Bed

Now that you know the possible reasons why your cat pees on your bed, you probably want to know what to do about it.

For that very reason, I researched the effective remedies to stop a cat from urinating on the bed.

We will have to focus on some behavioral modifications that you can try to solve your problem.

Below is the list!

  • Changing their litter boxes, preferably the one they use originally.
  • Try to use a diffuser in your room, specifically those with a calming pheromone.
  • Spray a natural repellant on your entire sheet before you leave for work.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know the common reasons why cats pee on bed as well as the things you can try to stop that behavior.

Hopefully, knowing the information above can help solve your issues with your cat peeing on your bed.

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