Why Are Wedding Venues So Expensive: 4 Main Reasons

Those curious about why are wedding venues so expensive can check the top four reasons. This way, you can also decide if the price of your chosen venue is reasonable and if you’re getting the best value for your money. 

Furthermore, understand that a venue so expensive doesn’t automatically have to be the best. And if you’re interested, here is how much wedding venues make in a year

why are wedding venues so expensive


Why Are Wedding Venues So Expensive?


Preparation for weddings

Remember that receptions are not only providing the space for the wedding. They will also prepare the location to make it more suitable for a wedding. 

Different places also provide unique wedding venue decorations that cost more than common ones to stand out from the competition. This way, more couples would want to book them over others. 

But besides the decorations and preparation, remember that it takes time to put together the venue. So even if you’re only renting the place for your wedding, the venue will still lose several hours to even a day to prepare it. 

This also includes the time spent during the communication between the couple and the venue owner, where the couple might want changes and random requests. Then, the venue will coordinate and work with other wedding suppliers and vendors, which is time-consuming and stressful. 

If you DIY your wedding venue, you’ll find out how difficult it is to book different vendors and also coordinate with them leading to your wedding day. Therefore, it’s reasonable for venues to charge high since you won’t be doing any of these things. 


Facilities to run the venue

The facilities also significantly dictate the average wedding venue costs to keep it functional. The venue might be challenging for starters where the owner has to start from scratch. 

The venue owner spent most of their budget to create a conducive parking lot and provide plumbing, electricity, and other amenities to make the location suitable for the wedding. And, of course, these facilities will be used throughout your rental duration. 

The venue also often provides tents, tables, chairs, stage, lights, and sometimes, even some DJ, band, or MC equipment. These are all expensive to rent separately, so it’s only suitable for them to raise the total wedding venue rental fee. 

And finally, the wedding venue anticipates some wear and tear on its facilities and amenities. The repair needed to fix and maintain them will be costly, including electricity and water usage during the wedding. 


Cleanup of the venue

When consulting with the wedding venue, clarify who cleans up after the wedding. Some places will provide the clean-up crew themselves, while you’ll need to hire them separately from others. 

If they’re included in the package, then it’s one of the reasons that the charge is high since cleaning after any significant event takes time and effort. It’s not only rubbish removal, but the crew will also replace and fix things around the place to return it to its previous condition. 

Another reason cleaning up after the wedding should be paid well is that sometimes, it has to be done quickly but effectively. Remember that two events in a day might book venues. 


Bridal businesses need to earn

And finally, like any other wedding business or vendor, wedding venues need to earn. So all the effort they provide to ensure that their place satisfies the requests and matches the couple’s dream needs to be compensated. 

But more so, venues are not booked daily as not every day is peak wedding season. So there needs to be a bit of profit involved to keep the business running. 

If you read how to start a wedding venue, you’ll further understand why it’s a tricky but fulfilling business venture. 


How Much Does The Average Person Spend On A Wedding Venue?

Couples are willing to spend more than $10,000 for their wedding venue. After all, most of the wedding budget is dedicated to the venue and it’s even what’s expected to take the highest percentage. 

It’s expected to provide 40 to 50% of the total wedding budget for the venue alone. You can even consider omitting elements like wedding favors if you know you’re providing the best experience with your reception. 

However, do not force yourself to get an expensive wedding venue if finances constrict you. It’s perfectly okay to get a simple venue or only book it for a short period. 

Some couples even opt not to have a reception but instead have an intimate gathering after the ceremony. 


Average Cost Of Wedding Venue Rental

Those who find a wedding venue too expensive should realize that the average venue rental cost is $5,000. Of course, it’s possible to find a place at a lower price, but this should be your expected cost when planning a wedding. 

But if you’re short on budget, you can always consider a backyard wedding. Here is how much a backyard wedding costs to give you an idea. 



And that’s it! We just found out why are wedding venues so expensive because of the preparation, maintenance, clean-up, and business model of each place. 

Furthermore, expect to spend at least 40% of your wedding budget on the venue alone. So to ensure that you can manage your wedding finances well, start with finding the fitting venue for your financial capacity. 

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