Why Are Mattresses So Expensive? 7 Best Reasons!

Why are mattresses so expensive? Have you ever thought of that? There are many reasons why actually; and these you will learn as you read along!

Every time I shop for pillows and beddings, I always stumble to pricey mattresses that I always wanted to buy.

Why are mattresses so expensive

I was frustrated initially, but I realized that mattresses are expensive because you can use them for a long time.

Other than that, beds are made of pricey materials too. It includes latex, pocket springs, or memory foam.

Some other features like border trimmings, for example, can also cause the price to increase.

This one is just a peck to the whole picture, though. Below you will find out more about mattresses.

Everything that can be associated with its expensiveness will be explained in this post.


7 Reasons Why Mattresses Are Expensive

Below are the most sensible reasons why mattresses are priced the way they are:


#1. Longevity

A mattress can last long because it is a good investment that can be used for about ten years or so, depending on how you use them


#2. Included in a high-profit margin industry

It belongs to the furniture industry products with a high-profit margin


#3. Comparison among shops is challenging

Shop to shop comparison is difficult since the same bed is often covered and named differently and sold at varying prices


#4. In general, everyone wants a new mattress

Nobody buys used mattresses, so everyone always purchases a new one


#5. Few material suppliers

Basic materials used for mattresses are produced by few suppliers only


#6. It’s a need!

People buy a mattress because they need it rather than they want it; it is often a last-minute purchase, so people do not deal with its high price


#7. Limited sources

If you try searching about mattress construction, you will see that sources are limited

With that being said, the consumers often know nothing about them.

They cannot visualize what a bed will look like if it’s sliced open.


How Long Can A Mattress Last?

It usually takes eight years or more before a mattress starts to degrade. However, this is affected by the sleeping pattern as well as the weight of the user.

In most cases, mattresses sold at a high price tend to last longer, ranging from eight to ten years.

On the other hand, low-cost models will most likely last for a short time, usually around three to ten years only.

Aside from the user’s body weight, the mattress’s life span is also affected by the product’s specification.

The frequency of use is also another factor that can impact the product’s life span.


How Much Do You Need To Get A Good Mattress?

Although there is no actual cost that can immediately tell us whether the mattress is good or not, you can use some indicators for this.

The price of a mattress typically increases with life span and durability.

It is still valid even if varying materials are used for different beds.

Let’s say, for example, if you opt for pocket spring or memory foam, the price will vary, of course.

But among memory foam mattresses alone, prices also vary.

Generally, good mattresses can have prices ranging from 400 up to 600 pounds. But premium quality mattress typically costs more than 600 pounds.

A 1000-pound mattress often lasts more than eight years.


Tips To Remember When Shopping For A Mattress

Since mattresses are pretty expensive, you should be careful when purchasing one.

Make sure that you will get something that can surely give you a good night’s sleep.

The following is the list of considerations when you go shopping for a mattress.


Tip #1. Set a budget

Before going to the furniture shop, it is empirical to set a budget first.

The price of mattresses varies.

Typically, those innerspring types are cheaper than those specialty mattresses like organic, synthetic latex, and foam mattress.

With that being said, it would be a great idea if you already have a budget in mind and find something at those price range.


Tip #2. Decide on what mattress type do you prefer

A lot of people would opt for traditional mattresses such as coil mattresses, for example.

But some buyers with a bit more budget allocated for it, they often resort to specialty mattress.

For instance, you can try those hybrid foam beds.


Tip #3. Consider the firmness

Before deciding on a purchase, you need to have an idea first of the bed’s firmness.

Perhaps you would like to have something soft or firm.

Or you want to have a pillow top over your bed.

A simple detail like this can save both your time and effort in the future.


Tip #4. Inquire about its guarantees and warranties

This tip is another essential factor.

Take note, warranties of different products from the same brand can vary too.

Even if you have already purchased from that brand before, it is still best to check its warranties.

Before I end, you might be curious about how heavy an air mattress can hold, so click here.


It’s A Wrap!

With all the reasons provides above, it is pretty understandable why mattresses are expensive.

However, you are not supposed to buy too expensive mattresses to have the best sleep.

Even those low-priced mattresses can also provide you with a comfortable sleep as long as it is soft or firm enough, depending on how you want your bed.