Who Walks The Grandparents Down The Aisle At A Wedding

Those who want to know who walks the grandparents down the aisle at a wedding should learn about wedding escorts for the processional with the grandparents. We will also discuss what usually happens at weddings when you have your grandparents and if they should join the processional. 

Furthermore, we’ll provide examples of how to include your grandma and grandpa in your wedding. But before the ceremony, do you know who’ll guide the guests to their seats?

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Here Is Who Walks The Grandparents Down The Aisle At A Wedding

The bride and groom’s grandparents walk down the aisle in pairs. However, if one of the grandparents in the couple is deceased, you can have them escorted by another relative of the opposite sex. 

This relative should not be part of the wedding party as the members will play their roles at the processional and stand at the bride or groom’s side. Still, this family member escorting the single grandparent can wear something as formal as what the other processional members are wearing. 

For example, if only your grandfather will walk down the aisle, then a single female cousin or aunt can escort him. On the contrary, if your grandmother is widowed, she walks down the aisle with a single uncle or male cousin. 


Who Walks The Grandmas Down The Aisle At A Wedding?

The grandmas of the bride and groom can each walk down the wedding aisle with their respective partners or the grandpas. But if they are widowed, they’ll be walking with a single male relative. 

It’s essential that whoever walks the grandparents down the aisle are not part of the wedding party because they will accompany them to their seats. And in some weddings, the bride and groom may also task some friends or relatives as escorts for the processional members who can’t walk without guidance. 

If you’re asked to be a wedding escort, please clarify the expected attire for you to the couple. Usually, males will wear suits, and women can wear formal dresses like the other people walking down the aisle. 


Do Grandparents Get Walk Down The Aisle?

The bride and groom usually have their grandparents walking down the aisle to honor them. So if you’re close with your grandmother or grandfather, you can include them in your wedding processional. 

The order in the processional for the grandparents starts with the groom’s grandparents before the bride’s grandparents. The paternal grandparents walk down the aisle first, followed by the maternal grandparents. 

If only one grandparent is alive, the order still applies. However, they’ll be escorted by a relative or escort chosen by the bride and groom. 

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How Do You Include Grandparents In A Wedding?


Include heirlooms from your grandparents

Your grandma or grandpa might have an heirloom that they want you to have. For example, it can be jewelry the bride can wear at her wedding or an accessory to add to the bridal bouquet. 

For grooms, your grandpa might have a watch, or he might’ve given you a piece of clothing you can sew into your wedding attire. You can also prepare with them on the wedding morning, especially when you’re close and want someone to help you ease your wedding anxiety. 


Have your grandparents walk down the aisle

It’s common for grandparents to also walk down the aisle in pairs at the wedding processional. However, the groom’s grandparents walk before the bride’s grandparents. 


Include your grandparents in the wedding ceremony

You can have your grandmother down the aisle as a flower girl and your grandpa as the ring bearer. And if your wedding has special readings, you can have them in these roles. 


Have your grandparents at your wedding party

You can have your grandma as a bridesmaid and your grandpa as a groomsman. Nowadays, it’s no longer unusual to include older relatives in the wedding party. 


Give your grandparents special boutonnieres and corsages

You can make your grandparents feel extra included with a special corsage or boutonniere. Then, seat them in the first rows of the ceremony. 


Honor deceased grandparents 

If your grandparents are deceased, please include them in a special section of the wedding invitation or program. You can also dedicate a seat in the ceremony for them. 

You can light a candle at the reception or create a special section with their photos. 


Include them in the wedding toast or speech

Ask your grandma or grandpa if they’d want to give a toast or speech. If they have been happily married for a long time, they can also give you marriage advice. 


Dance with your grandparents at the wedding reception

Besides the father-daughter and mother-son dances, you can dance with your grandparents at the reception.



And that’s it! You just learned who walks the grandparents down the aisle at a wedding, which is a single relative of the opposite sex if the grandparent’s partner is not available. 

Otherwise, the grandmas and grandpas of the bride and groom can walk as couples down the aisle. The latter will go first if you have your maternal and paternal grandparents. 

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