Who Sets Up Wedding Decor And Take It Down

The answer to who sets up wedding decor is typically the venue, but it depends on the package and specific place. Sometimes, you’ll need to set the decors yourself or task the coordinator or decorator with this responsibility. 

We will discuss everything about dressing up a wedding venue or reception to help you know what to expect. Furthermore, please read who cleans up after a wedding as you may need this separate crew. 

who sets up wedding decor


Who Sets Up Wedding Decor: Who Decorates At Weddings?


The wedding venue

Most wedding venues will be the ones setting the wedding decor for you. If the venue is known for holding weddings, they offer different packages. 

The convenience of this set-up is you don’t need a separate vendor to decorate the venue. This means less time spent educating another person regarding your theme and fewer costs since you’re only paying for the wedding venue. 

Wedding decoration is also one of the reasons why wedding venues are expensive. They will take time and effort, which can be used to book and prepare other weddings. 


The wedding decorator

A wedding vendor that is sometimes booked by couples who are having grand weddings is the wedding decorator. You may work with the decorator as early as conceptualizing your dream wedding. 

However, some wedding decorators also allow the couple to pick the decors for their event. So then, it will just be the decorator’s responsibility to set up the wedding venue before the ceremony. 

Some wedding decorators also act as the middleman between the couple and other wedding decor vendors like the florist or lighting crew. It’s even possible that the wedding decorator is the one who owns multiple wedding decor businesses. 


The wedding coordinator

You may have set a specific arrangement with your wedding coordinator, and it includes their role in dressing up the wedding venue. If this is the case, the coordinator will also set up the wedding decors besides overseeing all the wedding vendors on your big day.  

However, please note that your coordinator will not automatically decorate the venue unless you clarify it. Also, wedding coordinators differ in their packages, so check what you’ve chosen instead of assuming. 

Nonetheless, the coordinator can help set up the decorations since they’ll assign the vendors what they must do. Always discuss your dream venue in detail with the coordinator so they’ll know your expectations. 


Who takes down decorations at a wedding?

Usually, the person who sets up the wedding decor will also be the one who’ll take them down. However, perhaps you rented some of the decors to a specific vendor, so they’ll also be the ones taking them down. 

If you own some of the wedding decorations, it’s better that you hire a clean-up crew. Talk to them to separate the decors you own so that you can reuse them for other occasions

You must also check if your total wedding venue fee includes the clean-up. If not, make sure that you know their time requirements for restoring the place to its original look.


Does A Day Of Coordinator Set Up Decor?

The day of coordinator can be the person who sets up your wedding decor. After all, they overlook the wedding vendors, then direct and manage the placements of decors all over the wedding venue. 

However, clarify if setting up is included in their services with this vendor. The last thing you want is to arrive at the location without any decor because you assumed it is part of the day of the coordinator’s responsibilities. 


Do Wedding Planners Help Decorate?

The wedding planner can help decorate, but remember that they are more involved in the pre-wedding activities. Decorating is likely more up the coordinator’s alley because they’ll be the ones present at the venue on your big day.  

You can also check if the wedding planners know decorators they can recommend for your wedding. Referrals can mean good discounts, so you’re saving on expenses.


Who Sets Chairs At Weddings?

Besides setting up your venue for aesthetics, don’t forget that you must also arrange the chairs. Again, this is usually the responsibility of the chair rental service or the venue itself.

Some venues provide the wedding chairs themselves. Talk to them about the layout you want, so they can prepare the chairs as the decorators arrange the designs in the venue. 


Who Sets Up The Day Of The Wedding?

The venue or coordinator will set up the day of the wedding. The wedding decor set-up can be done as early as a day before the wedding, but busy venues may only do so for two to three hours if another union happens before yours. 

Regardless, ensure that you have your wedding timeline set and notify your coordinator. You want enough time to set up, especially for pre-wedding photoshoots with the venue as background.



And that’s it! To recap who sets up wedding decor, it can be the venue, coordinator, or decorator. 

They’ll also be the ones responsible for taking down the decors afterward. But if you rented some wedding decorations, ask the company as they might include the set-up and take-down on their total fees.

We hope this helps!

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