Who Repairs Water Damaged Eave Plywood? 4 Amazing Benefits

Your eaves and roof are the most susceptible part of your house to water damage. If you’re wondering who repairs water damaged eave plywood, roof contractors will help you with your concerns. 

Read this article to help you find the best contractors in your region and guide you on their desirable qualities.

who repairs water damaged eave plywood


What Are Eaves?

Eaves are the part of your roof that overlap your wall. This roofing can be extra protection from the sun, wind, and rain. 

However, since it’s exposed to severe weather, it’s usually prone to water damage and rot. That’s why you must do regular monitoring on your roofing.

You must use a light material like plywood for your roofing. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to repair water damaged plywood

Eaves or eavestrough have two parts you must maintain. You can check these parts regularly to ensure your roofing is strong.


1. Soffit

The soffit is the part that runs under your eaves. This helps protect your house from outside factors like rain, wind, or U.V. rays. 

Soffits can also help regulate the temperature in your home and maintain proper ventilation.


2. Fascia

The fascia is the horizontal piece perpendicular to your soffit. It’s usually made of aluminum since it protects the edge of your roof.

This part pulls the look of your eavestrough together and provides extra strength. The fascia will help drain water from the roof quickly. 

However, you must check this part for water damage since it’s constantly exposed to moisture. 


Why Should You Repair Water Damaged Eaves?

Eaves help to fortify your home’s protection. You must repair this roofing once you see any signs of damage to keep your home safe.


1. Prevent rot and mold

If you leave your water-damaged eave plywood unattended, it may lead to rotting and mold growth. This will cause an unpleasant smell that may be harmful to your loved ones. 


2. Prevent structural damage

Damage to your eave plywood will leave your main house vulnerable to the elements. It may cause more severe and pricey damage.


3. Protect your footpath and garden

Eaves usually protrude right over a footpath or flower bed. Eave plywood may fall off when there’s water damage.

These falling parts may damage your pavement or garden, which is more work and expense.

You need to prepare a budget for repairing your eave plywood. You may try D.I.Y. work or hire a roofing contractor

This article will tell you how much to repair water damaged soffit


How To Find The Best Roof Contractor

You can repair the eaves yourself by replacing the plywood. However, a professional roof contractor is still the best choice to do the work for you. 

These people have suitable equipment and enough experience to do the job correctly. They also know the proper safety guidelines and procedures for minimal damage.

You must find a contractor with several years of experience. They must have a flexible schedule and a good work ethic. 

Read the customer reviews when you check the contractor’s website. Settle for companies that have pleasant customer service and high-quality materials.

Here are some recommendations for trusted roof contractors in your area:


1. Canada or the US

You can contact Mr. Handyman or Tip Top Trough. These companies have been fixing roofs, eaves, and gutters for a long time.

They consistently rank 4 to 5 stars on customer reviews, providing good-quality service. 


2. Australia

RoofingCrop and Vivify roofing have several positive reviews. They use high-quality equipment and even include insurance with their work.


3. UK

You might want to hire Ploughcroft Ltd. and Endon Roofing Limited if you live here. These companies give the best price and rate 5 stars from their customers.


How Much Does Eaves Repair Cost?

You must prepare a budget when you have your eaves repaired. Fascia repair can cost 6 to 16 dollars per linear foot, while soffit can cost 6 to 20 dollars per linear foot. 

Your total expenses, including the equipment or labor, may range from 460 to 1,330 dollars. You may only need to spend 180 dollars for minimal repairs, while large-scale restoration may reach 4,100 dollars.

You will need large-scale repair for severe damage to your eave plywood and roofing.  


Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Roof Contractor

Sometimes the price of hiring a professional roof contractor may throw you off, but having them work on your eave plywood comes with more benefits than D.I.Y.


1. They provide better quality work

These people have the proper equipment and training to fix your eaves, so you’re sure they will do a good job. 


2. Less chance of accidents

Since contractors have experience fixing eaves, they know how to maneuver around the roof and follow safety guidelines. 


3. They know your area’s building code

Some places have strict building codes that residents might not know. Professional contractors can guide you on the proper construction. 


4. They can provide warranties and insurance

There is still a risk of accidents even when professionals work on your roof. Still, at least you have the security of an insurance policy or warranty when you hire professionals.



Eaves are essential parts of your roof, but they are at constant risk of water damage. You can find help quickly when you know who repairs water damaged eave plywood. 

Your home will be in good condition, and you can enjoy high-quality service.

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