Who Plans Wedding Shower: Etiquette And Expectations

If you’re unsure who plans wedding shower, it’s the maid of honor and the best man. The wedding party can also help them, or the bride and groom’s parents can take responsibility for hosting and planning the wedding shower. 

We will also provide tips on planning wedding showers to help you if you’re the one hosting. And for the wedding shower etiquette regarding finances, we have a separate discussion about who pays for a wedding shower

who plans wedding shower


Who Plans Wedding Shower: Who Hosts And Pays?


Maid of honor and/or best man

Since the wedding shower is a combined celebration for the bride and groom, both the maid of honor and best man are typically responsible for planning the wedding shower. If it’s a bridal shower, remember who plans is the maid of honor, while the best man plans the groom’s bro-dal shower

Therefore, they can plan a combined celebration or a wedding shower for the bride and groom. They’ll typically arrange the activities, venue, theme, and other things to surprise the couple. 


Wedding party

Besides the confidants of the bride and groom, the maid of honor and best man, they can also reach out to the bridesmaids and groomsman for help in planning and hosting the wedding shower. This is also helpful in creating a budget for wedding showers if the maid of honor and best man are limited with their finances. 

Another advantage of planning wedding showers with the whole wedding party is you can brainstorm ideas to make it more memorable and special. You may have missed some crucial elements, and someone else will notice it. 


Parents of the bride and/or groom

Wedding shower planning is not usually the responsibility of the bride or groom’s parents. However, if no one is throwing you a wedding shower, it’s more tasteful to ask your parents to throw you one than ask your guests to chip in for the shower planning. 

Planning a bridal shower, for example, is even done by the bride’s parents to surprise her anyway. Therefore, both families can work together to host the wedding shower. 


A surprise sponsor

Sometimes, who plans the wedding shower for the couple is a surprise sponsor. For example, a generous sibling, aunt, or friend might want to celebrate and congratulate the couple on their wedding. 

Regardless, always be thankful for the wedding shower you’ll get and show your appreciation to the hosts. Here is what to write on the wedding shower thank you card to know the etiquette. 


What Do You Normally Do At A Wedding Shower?

Hosting wedding showers can be overwhelming; whoever plans the wedding shower should know what to do.


Foods and drinks

Your wedding shower for the bride and groom can be lowkey. It can even be a quiet and simple dinner or barbecue with other friends and family close to them. 

This is ideal if you are limited with time and budget. Furthermore, some people might prefer a less loud celebration anyway. 


Gift giving

The wedding shower can be influenced by bridal shower traditions such as gift-giving and opening in front of the guests. Of course, the maid of honor who plans the shower should also discuss this with the best man for the groom’s gifts. 

But for etiquette, you can talk to the couple in private if they prefer to open the gifts with no one watching at the end of the wedding shower instead. 


Partying and mingling

If the bride and groom love partying, throw them a wedding shower similar to a cocktail event. You’ll serve hors d’oeuvres and drinks with fun music as everyone mingles and celebrate with the couple.  


Do you play games at a wedding shower?

Like the bridal shower, you can also play fun and hilarious games at the wedding shower. You can even create two teams for the bride and groom and let them compete. 


Do People Plan Their Own Wedding Shower?

It’s unusual to plan your own wedding shower because it’s meant to surprise you. However, there’s nothing wrong with doing it yourself if no one is hosting. 


What’s The Difference Between A Bridal Shower And A Wedding Shower?

The bridal shower is different from a wedding shower because the former only surprise the bride. But, on the other hand, the wedding shower also has the groom, so his guests are also welcome compared to the usual female-only party that is the bridal shower. 

You can read what is a wedding shower to know more. 


Who Organises Bridal Shower?

The maid of honor organizes and plans the bridal shower. She can also ask for assistance from the bridesmaids or the bride’s mom and sisters.


Does The Mother Of The Bride Plan The Bridal Shower?

The bride’s mother can plan the bridal shower. It’s also common nowadays to have two showers where one is with her friends and the other with her mom and future mother-in-law.



Was this guide helpful? To recap who plans wedding shower, it is the maid of honor and the best man. 

The wedding party can also help them, or the couple’s families can host the shower. Overall, it’s meant to surprise the couple, so it’s only fitting for someone else to plan it for them. 

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