Who Makes US Craftmaster Water Heater? 3 Awesome Types!

Are you wondering who makes US Craftmaster water heater? Stop wondering, and you have arrived at the right place. An American water heater manufactures US Craftmaster. Gunshot Wound (GSW) bought the American hot water system in 2001, and AO Smith bought GSW around 2007.

US Craftmaster makes gas and electric water heaters with capacities values of up to 117 gallons. Eco-smart electrical water heaters and heat pump water systems are among the company’s offerings. US Craftmaster’s portable water heaters come in various models, all of which are high rating certified.

who makes US Craftmaster water heater

Regardless of the type of water heater bought, U.S. Craftmaster offers a 7-year to 12-year limited parts guarantee. Craftmaster water heaters from the United States are among the most energy-efficient on the marketplace. Performance combined with the most incredible hot water results in high savings. This is just an overview. Keep reading to discover more.


US Craftmaster Gas-Powered Water Heaters

US Craftmaster water heaters run on propane gas or natural gas and can be tanked or portable. All four vent options are available: environmental, direct venting, power venting, and power-direct venting. A PowerFlex, hybrid, and flame guard series of tanks are also available and table housing models. High-efficiency tank systems and portable water heaters are the best and most strongly recommended options. 

Modern technology is used in the High-Efficiency series of heaters, enabling for pressured combustion, quick temperature control, monitoring through LCD or touchscreen controls, and diagnoses. This isn’t all; the innovative air intake system, motorized anode, dip tube system, and 10-year guarantee round out the package. Every portable water heater from US Craftmaster is Energy Star certified and has an energy performance rating. 

Because of its super-duper energy ratio, fast flow of water rate, reduced yearly running costs, and excellent performance, condensation versions are the finest. Such versions also have commercial-grade parts like a stainless steel heat exchanger, top features like hydronic warming, a venting converter kit, and each has a limited guarantee.


US Craftmaster Electrical Water Heater

Craftmaster water heaters in the United States are similarly electrically powered and are divided into three categories: heat pumps, conventional models, and Energy intelligent models. The most excellent electric versions that can deliver high-efficiency water heating are technologically sophisticated, long-lasting, and manufactured high-quality materials.

Heat pumps that come in 50-gallon and 80-gallon sizes have high performance, a first-hour rating, with outstanding capabilities like a non-sacrificial powered anode, a simple display, as well as a Microgrid interface, all of which lead to high savings, better comfort, and lots of hot water, due to fantastic characteristics like the Lcd screen with the functioning mode choice and diagnostics mechanism, robust stainless heating components.


Types Of Craftmaster Water Heater

US Craftmaster water heater has three types, and every class has its operational capability and features. These types are mentioned below for your help to quickly learn the best Craftmaster water heater types and understand who makes US Craftmaster water heater.


#1. Standard type Craftmaster water heater

The typical US Craftmaster electric water heaters have tank capacities ranging from 3.5 gallons for the smaller versions to 117 gallons to 120. They are well for space-saving and prefabricated home types, protected by more than ten years of warranties. Models with a self-cleaning system offer lengthier guarantees, ranging from 7 to 9 years, while others may have a six-month contract. This massive collection of heaters may be utilized in practically any type of housing, new or old, modest or expansive, with many living areas or residences with limited space. This standard model could also be used as a solar-powered warmer or standby for a solar system to save money.


#2. The energy smart electric water heater

Customers will find the Energy Smart range of US Craftmaster heating systems very user-friendly. The technique for adjusting the temperature is simple, and special locks have been placed to keep them secure from children’s contact. Through their sensitive approach, they are meant to save energy. Several patterns of the operation modes which may be chosen as per the needs include Normal, Energy Smart, or Vacations mode.

Energy Smart option saves over 35% energy, while the Vacation option is ideal for homeowners away from home. Its Smart-Grid-ready function provides for effective utility control. At the same time, an easy-to-use LCD enables quick temperature changing, issue diagnosis, and tracking of the current water temperature. Electric heaters are vulnerable to burning if there is not enough water in the tank, despite the stainless-steel parts being sturdy and efficient. Dry-fire prevention is included in the Energy Smart water heater, which keeps the tank from burning even if the water content is insufficient. Individuals routinely pick this form of the electric heater over others to avoid any unexpected events in the event of a water shortage.


#3. The Craftmaster heated pump water heater

The hybrid technology used in the US Craftmaster heat pumps provides for a lot of energy efficiency and recovery ratio, measuring and controlling quality, and innovative features like powered anode material and intelligent circuitry. You may also be interested to know about how to vent a water heater.


It’s A Wrap!

We are happy to know that you have learned who makes US Craftmaster water heater. These are reliable heaters, owned by AO Smith, an American water heater company. Thank you, friends, for reading this article. You may want to read related articles; know when to replace water heater and how to turn on water heater.

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