Who Makes The Flexfit 3 Adjustable Bed Frames? Interesting Facts!

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who makes the Flexfit 3 adjustable bed frames

The Flexfit 3 adjustable bed frame is being sold under the company of Sleep Number.

The company has Shelly Ibach as its President and CEO or Chief Executive Officer.

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Who’s Behind The Flexfit 3 Adjustable Bed Frame

As a consumer, I know you are very curious about who makes the product you wish to purchase.

So, who makes the flexfit 3 adjustable bed frames?

Shelly Ibach, President and CEO is the one behind the company of Sleep Number.

They are responsible for making the Flexfit 3 adjustable bed frames.

The company president is generously awarded as a Women in Corporate Leadership.

Also, with Census Honor Roll and Special Distinction.

Also, Shelly Ibach was recognized as the 2019 EY Entrepreneur of The Year.

These awards led to the success and innovation of Shelly Ibach as their President and Chief Executive Officer.

They envisioned that their company would be the number one loved brand by sleepers wanting to have a quality experience.

They are also tied in their mission of improving the sleep of everyone.

Through its principles, the company is purpose-driven.

That resulted in having quality products and services that are available for everyone.

The company was founded in 1987 with the vision of creating beds that are high quality and comfortable.

They recorded thirteen million people enjoyed the experience while using their developed Sleep Number products.

As of 2020, they have generated a revenue of almost 1.9 billion US Dollars.

This goal was possible as they had established 600 stores nationwide.

They have their headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where testing and experimentation are done on every product.

The company opened its first store in 1992.

Then in 2000, they established delivery to your own home with an assembly of the product you had bought.

In the next decade, they had introduced the DualTemp product.

This product is intended for those people to sleep in hot or cold temperatures.

After two years, the company established online stores for the further reach of their customers.

In 2014, they also launched the SleepIQ as their innovation.

A year later, they also built a laboratory named SleepIQ Labs.

The lab studies and develops further innovations in the company.

The year 2017 was momentous for Sleep Number.

They had a new headquarters in Minnesota and named themselves as a corporation.

The same year, they launched the 360 Smart Bed, their newest innovation.

As for the following year, they partnered with NFL or National Football League for their beds.

They had agreed with Mayo Clinic in establishing a better research status for their beds last 2020.

Indeed, under the leadership of Shelly Ibach as their CEO and President.

Sleep Number achieved many milestones as a company for sleepers.

Shelly, together with her team consisted of 30 people, allowed us sleepers to experience the best sleep quality possible in the market.


What Is The Flexfit 3 Adjustable Bed Frame?

Now, you know that Shelly Ibach contributed her best to develop products under Sleep Number.

This contribution led to the Flexfit 3 Adjustable Bed Frame.

This product has the feature of having an adjustable base.

This feature allows you to select positions according to your preference.

You can lift your head and modify the arrangement of the bed through the four corners of your phone.

The Flexfit 3 adjustable bed frames offer you infinite selections of positions for your head and foot.

This selection includes the weightless feel or the “feeling of zero gravity.”

The product can also avoid snoring for some sleepers.

This innovation is made possible as the bed can raise the upper parts of the body.

Thus, preventing constriction of respiratory pathways.

Also, the bed comes with lighting that you can find under the bed.

This feature is helpful especially navigating your room in the dark.

The Flexfit 3 adjustable bed frames also come with the innovation of “foot-warming.”

This feature will help you sleep faster without any disturbance.

Most importantly, this product comes with a 15-year warranty.

Sleep Number assures the satisfaction of the customer in buying the Flexfit 3 adjustable bed frames.

Also, you the convenience of getting delivery and professional assembly in the comfort of your home.

The Flexfit 3 bed frame can come from Full, Queen, King, and FlexTop California King.

Moreover, the beds come in the reasonable price range of $2399 to $4199.

Super Number will never disappoint you with this price.


Flattening Things Up!

Great! You know who makes the Flexfit 3 adjustable bed frames.

The product is under the company Sleep Number.

And company is now with the leadership of Shelly Ibach as their President and CEO.

The Flexfit 3 adjustable bed frame is a product of the innovation of the leadership of Shelly Ibach together with her team.

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