Who Makes The Davenport Hotel Mattress

The answer to who makes the Davenport hotel mattress is Sound Sleep. We will also discuss below the exact mattress used by Davenport hotel and where you can get one. Furthermore, are these hotel mattresses even worth it?

Speaking of which, another hotel chain that has good reviews about its beds is Holiday Inn Express. Here is a secret regarding the kind of mattress Holiday Inn Express uses

Who Makes The Davenport Hotel Mattress


Who Makes The Mattress At Davenport Hotel?

The Davenport hotel mattress brand is Sound Sleep. According to a 2018 article by The Spokesman-Review, The Davenport bed, the signature bed of Davenport hotels, is produced by Sound Sleep. The hotel used to get its beds from Northwest Bedding, but it closed down.

Sound Sleep took over the mattress production for Davenport hotels using the same design, specifications, and materials. And if you’re interested to know where to buy the Davenport hotel mattress, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get it at Davenport Home. This isn’t the first time a hotel sells their bed directly to customers because the mattress used by Marriott is also available on their website. 


What Kind Of Mattress Does Davenport Hotel Use?

The Davenport hotel mattress is a double pillow top mattress. Also known as the Davenport Bed Mattress, you can get it at the Davenport Home website in different sizes ranging from full, king, queen, and California king. The price varies from $1,399 to $2,149, with the shipping fee not included. 

The buyer can also choose if they want the mattress only or if they’ll include the box springs. The bed itself is 16 inches thick, while the box springs range from 5 to 9 inches thick to suit the user’s preference. However, remember that you can’t return or exchange the mattress after buying. 


What is the advantage of a pillow top mattress?

The advantage of a pillow top mattress over other beds is the pillow top. This extra layer of padding on the surface provides comfort and pressure relief on the sleeper. If you sleep on your side or you experience hip pain, you’ll benefit from the cushioning of a pillow top bed instead of getting a separate mattress topper for hip pain


What Brand Of Mattress Does Hard Rock Hotel Use?

Serta Simmons Bedding manufactures the mattress used by Hard Rock Hotels. So it’s not surprising that the hotel chain trusts Simmons because they create hospitality beds that exceed the industry safety and performance standards. In fact, even Best Western International gets their mattresses from the brand. 


What Type Of Mattress Does Hilton Use?

The Hilton hotel mattress type is the Serenity Bed by Serta. You can get it in the Perfect Sleeper Collection of the mattress brand. Tempur-Sealy also has an Exclusive Hilton Collection made from high-density foam and hospitality-grade foundation. 


What Brand Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

There are various brands and manufacturers that hotels trust for their mattresses and bedding. But if you want to know the most popular mattress brands in hotels, it would be Serta Hospitality and Tempur Sealy Hospitality. These companies work hand in hand with the hotels themselves to customize a bed for their hotel chains. 

Some hotels sell the exact models on their website, while some are available in the hospitality collections of mattress manufacturers. For example, if you want the Four Seasons hotel mattress, you can buy it directly from them and even select the topper for it. On the other hand, Serta allows you to get a hotel bed by entering the hotel name, room number, and mattress description. 


Are Hotel Mattresses Better?

Hotel mattresses are better than the ones we have at home simply because hotels get them customized. Hotel chains are willing to pay a high price to get the best quality materials for their beds. Like the mattress in Hilton Garden, some even use an adjustable dial to suit the needs of every user uniquely. 

However, it’s worth noting that you don’t need to spend a significant amount on a mattress if it overly exceeds your budget. For example, this guide on how much you should spend on a bed points out that even $600 can provide the proper support and comfort when choosing a suitable model. But if you have the budget, why not indulge in a $2,000 bed you slept in on a vacation years ago and experience it at home? 


Which Hotel Chain Has The Most Comfortable Beds?

Comfort is subjective, so it’s unfair to mention a single hotel chain and label it to have the most comfortable bed. However, you will notice in reviews that Marriott, Westin, and Hilton have sought-after mattresses. So if you know where they get their beds, it’s worth it to check out the manufacturer because you might find alternatives similar to hotel beds. 



Krostrade has always helped curious travelers to find hotel mattresses. In this article, we found out who makes the Davenport hotel mattress, which is Sound Sleep after Northwest Bedding shut down. It’s a double pillow top bed, and you can buy it directly from Davenport. 

There are also other hotel mattresses worth checking out. We hope you give our search bar a try to find out a hotel chain you like. 


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