Who Makes Maxi Drive Adjustable Bed? 4 Best Brands!

Have you seen long and electrical adjustable beds somewhere and wondered, “who makes maxi drive adjustable bed?”

There are plenty of brands that manufacture this type of adjustable bed.

who makes maxi drive adjustable bed

You can mostly encounter these beds in private hospitals.

And you can observe that these beds have varying features which could provide the patient the utmost comfort.

These beds could also be convenient if you have a patient in your home.

So, if you wanted to buy some of these, stay tuned.


What Makes Maxi Drive Adjustable Bed Better?

Once you hear the word maxi, you will think of something long, such as a dress.

But it’s also the same as bed sizes.

We commonly hear the sizes: twin, queen, or king, but did you know that there is also a maxi bed?

Picture out a twin-sized bed but longer.

Electric motors are also used in the Maxi drive adjustable beds, making it easier for patients and healthcare providers.

This motor is used to raise or lower the mattress based on the comfort and health of the patient.

But, who makes Maxi drive adjustable bed?


Brands That Make Maxi Drive Adjustable Beds

It’s important to know who makes these convenient beds.

Other people consider these beds as a blessing.

It has changed a part of our lives and benefits us greatly.

So, let’s determine what brands make these beds.

Those curious about who makes maxi drive adjustable beds can get their answers on the following brands.


Brand #1. DeltaTM

This brand is the most widely-used adjustable bed in the medical field and other hardware products and equipment.

Their homecare bed has various features and can be electric or semi-electric.

The patient’s comfort and safety are prioritized in the design of the bed.

The mattress and side rails are also checked for safety.

And it has been approved by the FDA.

Furthermore, the materials utilized to construct this bed are scratch-resistant and challenging to break.

So, you can buy this product if you have a patient that constantly moves.

Especially, when they are sleeping or monitored.

What’s great about their beds is that they are easy to use.

Because of the size of the buttons and how clear their manual is.


Brand #2. Invacare corporation

Invacare is considered the manufacturer of the safest and most durable maxi drive hospital bed.

They’ve produced many homecare beds, which is why their products are commonly used at home rather than in hospitals.

Technicare, a manufacturer of medical devices in Cleveland, owns this brand.

One of the founders is Mal Mixon, who is the Vice President of Marketing.

With its electric motor, you can position or elevate the head and foot of the bed effortlessly.

It also contains an intuitive hand pendant that is easy to use.

And the motor does not make disturbing or loud noises!

Its safe and durable feature is due to the electric parts and wiring that are double insulated.

And their bed can support up to 350 lbs.


Brand #3. Medline industries, inc.

If you want to purchase a hospital bed but don’t have enough money.

Medline basic beds are what you need.

They have budget-friendly semi-electric beds.

And the materials it is made of are very reliable and durable.

Hospital adjustable beds range from $750-$1000, but Medline’s semi-electric beds offer you a price of $560.

What a deal!

Medline has made and distributed plenty of medical supplies and equipment to healthcare facilities.

And we’re sure that it has helped thousands of people!

So, who’s the person behind this? It’s Charlie Mills, the owner and former CEO of Medline Industries, Inc.

Because of him, medical programs and services are still running and working better to provide the patients the ultimate care.


Brand #4. Hillrom

Hillrom is considered one of the top medical device companies in the world.

How cool is that?

William A. Hillenbrand is the founder of this company.

He visited plenty of hospitals and healthcare facilities to determine the best design for the bed.

And after years of hard work, he claimed that he achieved his goal.

A warm and comfortable hospital bed for better patient care.

Their beds have a battery backup solution in case there is an electrical disruption.

The hospital staff could easily clean the bed regularly to keep the patient safe from infection and other ailments.

It’s also simple to operate, like other hospital beds, to avoid confusing patients and medical personnel.


Why Should You Invest In These Beds?

A maxi drive adjustable bed can function as a regular bed and hospital bed.

And this equipment may be unnecessary to some people until you realize that they are convenient and beneficial.

If you’re taking care of a patient in your home.

A safe and durable hospital bed makes the recovery process better and faster.

They can also assist you in taking care of elderly or disabled family members.

It could make your life easier.

To make your maxi drive hospital beds more comfortable, visit this article.


Wrapping Up

And this is where our discussion ends.

Well, you have familiarized yourself with who makes maxi drive adjustable bed.

You also learned about the people behind the brands on where you could buy these beds.

And why you should invest in them.

Wow! We have learned a lot today.

Stay tuned for more learnings and guides!

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