Who Makes Kenmore Sewing Machines

The answer to who makes Kenmore sewing machines is it’s used to be Janome. This article will go through what happened to Kenmore sewing machines and why they are unavailable even in Sears. And if you have this brand, we’ll also talk about what you can expect with its quality.

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who makes kenmore sewing machines


Who Manufactures Kenmore Sewing Machines?


Are Janome and Kenmore the same?

Janome is a Japanese company with manufacturing plants in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, and they manufactured Kenmore sewing machines. But besides Janome, there were also other Kenmore units made by other overseas companies. The White Sewing Machine Company was even the supplier for Sears and some early Kenmore branded models were White Rotarys. 

To give you a clearer idea of the manufacturers of Kenmore, Janome made the Kenmore 385 and all the other models that begin in “385.” But, then, Sears sold Janome Kenmore sewing machines after the year 1965. As for earlier Kenmore 158 sewing machines in the 60s and 70s, they were manufactured by overseas companies in Japan and Taiwan, while White made the 117 models, which were produced much earlier during the 1940s. 


Kenmore 117 – Manufactured by White 

  • A straightforward straight stitch sewing machine
  • Uses an old-style presser foot
  • Feeds well in both directions
  • Notable stitch length regulator
  • Impressive durability

Kenmore 158 – Manufactured by overseas companies 

  • Portable and compa[ct
  • Quality built but slightly sloppier than Kenmore 117
  • Some units have removable extension tray and accessory case
  • Quick-change straight stitch to zigzag needle plate
  • Fixed needle position

Kenmore 385 – Manufactured by Janome 

  • Solid built
  • Notable stitch quality
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Basic and low-maintenance
  • Can’t be used for materials like leather or canvas

Are Kenmore Sewing Machines Japanese?

There were some Japanese Kenmore sewing machines. For example, the Kenmore 385 was made by the Japanese company Janome, and Kenmore 158s were made in Japan. You can check its model number if you want to know where your Kenmore sewing machine was made. For example, if you own a model with the number 385, it is a Japanese model made by Janome. 

Which sewing machines are made in Japan?

Juki sewing machines

Perhaps one of the most popular Japanese sewing machines is Juki. The brand has a good reputation, especially for their machines’ ease of usage. You’re also less likely to see issues like jamming in Juki units. 

Brother sewing machines

One of the most popular sewing machines is Brother, and they make the best value for money models. Another praised characteristic of this brand is customer service. Buyers have noted the quick assistance from Brother.

Janome sewing machines

Janome has manufacturing plants in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. The company has a good reputation with their machines, especially with how quiet their units work. They are also so long-lasting that you’ll even find vintage Janome units to this day. 

Does Kenmore Make Sewing Machines Anymore?

It’s possible to find Kenmore sewing machines in some marketplaces still, but the brand has stopped production. Sears, where you’ll discover Kenmore machines made by Janome, has stopped selling these units, and they even cleared their inventory back in 2013. So if you want to buy a brand-new Kenmore sewing machine, it would be impossible since the production stopped. 

Is Kenmore A Good Brand For Sewing Machines?

Even though no more brand-new Kenmore sewing machines are being produced, it’s safe to say that it was a good brand. It is even among the most sought-after sewing machines in the past years. Furthermore, Kenmore was manufactured by reputable companies like Janome, so you know that the devices were reliable in terms of quality and durability. 

Are Old Kenmore Sewing Machines Worth Any Money?

The value of an old Kenmore sewing machine depends on many variables. However, it should have qualities that will make it enticing to collectors or vintage enthusiasts. A quick estimate for an old Kenmore model can be from $100 to $500, but you should check the year it was made and do your research about the unit. 

How Old Is A Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 158?

The Kenmore 158 sewing machine models were manufactured in the 60s to 70s by overseas companies located in Japan and Taiwan. Most of the Kenmore 158s were from Japan, and only a few were made in Taiwan. And as for the quality, you’ll often see this specific machine as one of the best Kenmore models.

How much can I sell my Kenmore 158?

When identifying the worth of any sewing machine, the International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society mentions the importance of different types of values. For example, look at your Kenmore machine and judge if it offers a decorative, historical, collector’s, and monetary value. 


And that’s it! We just answered who makes Kenmore sewing machines and found out that various brands made the machines. They include Janome, White, and a couple of overseas companies. 

But nowadays, no more new Kenmore sewing machines are being produced. So if you have an old Kenmore model, consider researching it to know its value. We hope this was a helpful read; feel free to leave us a comment if you have more questions. 


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