Who Makes Bellanest Mattress

The answer to who makes Bellanest mattress is Raymour and Flanigan. Remember that Bellanest is their own label, and the mattresses come in different varieties. Are you curious if a Bellanest bed is for you?

We got you! We pride ourselves in helping homeowners decide if they are eyeing a famous mattress brand. If you loved our article about Hampton and Rhodes mattresses, we’ll guide you the same way.

Who Makes Bellanest Mattress


Who Makes Bellanest Mattresses?

As we have spoiled earlier, Raymour and Flanigan make Bellanest mattresses. Bellanest itself is a mattress manufacturer or brand, which is sold exclusively at Raymour and Flanigan. The latter sell other beds, but Bellanest is their own label. 


Types of Bellanest mattresses

There are different types of Bellanest beds, including the Imperial Plush, Imperial Euro Top, Imperial Firm, Firm Trundle, Imperial Memory Foam, Rebound Hybrid, Deluxe, Gel, and Gel Hybrid varieties. The Imperial Plush is the most popular, and it comes at a relatively affordable price for a mattress. 

A queen size is only under $500, and you’ll get an innerspring mattress with gel-infused foam. You can also choose a base from the brand itself. As for the delivery, Bellanest even offers White Glove for your convenience.


Who Makes Bellanest Furniture?

Since we’re on the topic of Bellanest mattresses, you have also probably stumbled upon furniture under the same label. As you can assume from our discussion above, Bellanest furniture is from Raymours Furniture Company, Inc. You can get a Platinum Protection Plan for your furniture, and there are different delivery processes to choose from as well.


Are Bellanest Mattresses Good?


What to consider

Much like with other mattress brands, one can say that a Bellanest model is good if you’re using the right type for your needs and preferences. If you opt for something firm, but your body type and the sleeping position require something more cushioning, then your Bellanest mattress won’t be comfortable and supportive. Nonetheless, we notice good reviews for this mattress, and the negative ones are not special for any other mattress brand. 


What to expect

To give you a quick view of what you can expect to experience in a Bellanest mattress, let us discuss one of their most popular ones, which is the Bellanest Imperial Plush. As we said before, you can get the White Glove delivery option, so you’ll also get your old bed removed and the new one set up. But if you want to see the bed in-person first, you can book an appointment at Raymour and Flanigan stores near you. 

How do you care for a Bellanest bed? Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your mattress will last long. Bellanest recommends vacuuming as the only cleaning method and the use of a mattress pad, which they include if you get their 5-year protection plan. 


Final verdict

Personally, we can recommend Bellanest mattresses because they come at a reasonable price range without sacrificing the quality. However, it would help if you remembered what qualities to look out for to ensure that you’ll get the proper support and comfort tailored to you. We will discuss them later in more detail to help you in buying. 


Who Makes The Best Quality Mattress?

If we have to point specific manufacturers in the market, we must include the biggest ones worldwide. They have been around for a long-time, which means their products are satisfactory and continues to be of excellent quality. More so, some manufacturers supply their models to hotels, so you can guarantee that they will feel good and supportive. 

The biggest mattress manufacturers worldwide that come in the US include Sealy, Serta, Simmons Bedding, Sleep Number, and Tempur Sealy. Kingsdown, Leggett and Platt, Spring Air, and Southerland are also from the US. But getting beds from these companies should just be the initial step to ensure the best quality product. 


How to choose the best mattress


Step #1. What type of sleeper are you?

First, identify your sleeping position to ensure that you’ll get the bed that will promote a neutral spine when you lie down. You also want to consider if you sleep hot since some materials retain heat. And finally, your weight can cause you to sink too deeply, so you would want something that will push back the pressure. 


Step #2. What type of mattress suits your needs and preferences?

After the questions in step number one, you should easily shorten the list of the models you’re eyeing. At this point, what you’ll consider are the qualities of each mattress type and if they will provide your preferred and ideal comfort and support. Once you have the shorter list, you’ll then deduct more beds until you conclude a winner in terms of size, thickness, and firmness. 


What Is The Best Australian Made Mattress?

We have familiarized you with the most prominent mattress manufacturers worldwide, and they come from the US. But what about Australian-made beds? The popular models with good reviews come from Silent Night London, Cloud 9, NeoLuxe, and SleepyHead. 



It’s essential to get to know different mattress labels. For example, who makes Bellanest mattress? Raymour and Flanigan are behind Bellanest beds. 

The company also produces Bellanest furniture. Back to the mattresses, we think they are excellent considerations, especially for those on a budget. Our only tip is to use our mattress buying guide to help you find the best one.