Who Makes Baby Lock Sewing Machines

The answer to who makes Baby Lock sewing machines is Suzuki. We’ll also discuss if Brother or Juki are sewing machine brands credited for Baby Lock sewing machines. And if you want to buy a Baby Lock, you can read more about what to expect with these machines. 

Speaking of buying, why not learn more about how to buy a sewing machine. It would help you to know what factors to consider when you’re eyeing any brand.  

who makes baby lock sewing machines


Who Manufactures Baby Lock Sewing Machines?

The Suzuki machinery Co., Ltd. located in Japan, manufactures Baby Lock sewing machines. In particular, the manufacturer is responsible for the overlock sewing machines and is known for their high quality and value worldwide. Baby Lock also prides itself on being the only Japan-made household overlock sewing machine brand. 

You can also read more about what is an overlock sewing machine to understand this type of device better. 


Is Baby Lock made by Brother?

Brother factories make some Baby Lock sewing machines while Baby Lock themselves produce some units. And since Brother makes sewing machines for different companies as well, remember that they are only based on the specifications provided by each company. Since Brother does not own Baby Lock, Baby Lock still designs their sewing machines. 


Is Baby Lock made by Juki?

Juki is a Japanese company. and together with Baby Lock, they developed a patented system to create the most advanced sewing machines. The overlockers from Juki and Baby Lock are designed for easy threading. And best of all, they can handle even the most problematic fabrics. 


Where Is Baby Lock Manufactured?

Baby Lock sewing machines are primarily made in Japan since it is where the brand has its factories. However, other units are made in countries such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. And according to Baby Lock’s website, they keep innovation and quality in mind without sacrificing good value when developing their products. 


Is Baby Lock A Good Sewing Machine?

Baby Lock is a good sewing machine because the brand prides itself on maintaining quality craftsmanship. There is also an array of units to choose from to help you select the best ones for your needs. For example, Baby Lock has a specialty model called the Sashiko. 

The Baby Lock Sashiko sewing machine uses a LED monitor, and it’s designed to create stitches that look hand-made. There is even control for the stitch length and spacing, and you have a specialty stitch mode for decorative techniques. Additionally, the built-in tray is convenient for storage, and the fluorescent lamp makes working more comfortable. 


Where Can I Buy Baby Lock Sewing Machines?

If you want to buy a Baby Lock sewing machine, you can use their website’s retailer finder. Simply put in your zip code to find the stores in your location. It’s important that you only buy your Baby Lock sewing machine from an authorized retailer because they’re the only ones who can issue a warranty recognized by the brand. 

Additionally, authorized Baby lock retailers can train and demonstrate the use of the sewing machine correctly. And after buying, please make sure that you’ll register your Baby Lock machine for warranty purposes and make service smoother. It will also serve as your future reference. 


What Is The Most Reliable Brand Of Sewing Machine?

Besides Baby Lock and Juki, other sewing machine brands like Singer, Brother, Janome, Pfaff, Husqvarna Viking, and Bernina are reliable. You probably recognize some of them since they have lasting models that are antique and vintage. And speaking of which, here is how to use an old sewing machine if you happen to own a vintage model from these brands:



Singer is undoubtedly a pioneer sewing machine brand that the first practical sewing machine and beginning of the company dated as far as 1851. The company is even behind the first zigzag machine, electronic machine, and sewing assistant app. And if you’re looking at vintage units, you’re more likely going to encounter Singer. 



Brother sewing machines are under Brother International. This brand is also known for its sewing machines, and buyers consider their units the best value for money. Beginners are also often recommended with a Brother sewing machine in terms of ease of use.



If you’re asking for a sewing machine with a solid build, you’re most likely to get recommended with Janome. You can also find reviews that give their units a good rating with comments regarding ease of setup. We wrote a tutorial on how to thread a Janome sewing machine to provide you with an idea. 



You’re often familiar with the quality of Japanese sewing machines. However, European-made models are also at par in terms of quality build and stitch results. Pfaff started in Germany, and it has a remarkable reputation regarding longevity and performance. 

And besides the brands mentioned, Bernina and Husqvarna Viking also deserve to be on the best sewing machine brands list. 



And that’s it! To recap who makes Baby Lock sewing machines, we found out that it’s Suzuki machinery in Japan. Additionally, Juki and Brother can also be responsible for these sewing machines. 

We also discussed that it’s worth checking and purchasing from this brand because of their durable but innovative units. And if you want to check other machines, please read more about reputable brands such as Singer, Brother, Janome, Pfaff, Husqvarna Viking, and Bernina.

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