Who Makes American Water Heater? 3 Best Categories!

Do you know who makes American water heater? You have come to the right place at the right time to tell about it. GSW Inc. bought American Water Heater Company in 2002, created in the early 1970s.

GSW was purchased by A.O. Smith in 2006. Johnson City, Tennessee, is home to American production, research & innovation, and company offices. American makes tank-type and on-demand(tankless) water heaters in electric and gas. 

who makes American water heater

Many tank-style and tankless versions are highly efficient, earning the Energy Star awards and making them acceptable for environmentally friendly setups and are LEED-certified. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Development, and American water heaters were designed to satisfy its specifications for use in high-performance or energy-efficient “greener” structures. This is just a small overview, and you should keep reading to learn more.


American Water Heater Categories 

As you learn about who makes American water heaters, it’s essential to know about the various categories of the American water heater. The below mentioned are some commonly used American water heaters.


#1. American tank-style hot water heaters

Electric-powered water heaters from the American Company come in various models or capacities. Pick an excellent point-of-use type, like a model with 2-gallon storage, and put it beneath or above the faucet if you’re searching for electric-powered water heaters for a single fixture like the small sink or workplace. If you want extra hot water, select a type from the Miniseries that includes units of up to 25 gallons and is designed for point-of-use solutions. Get the Lowboy type if you just require hot water for one and two faucets, such as a bathtub, and you live in a flat, small building and need one for a cabin.

They come in capacities ranging from 20 to 40 gallons but seem to be small so that they can fit in compact spaces. Versions for specific purposes are also available from the American water heater firm. Utilizing factory-installed solar circulatory hookups, you may connect a solar heating system with an 82 or 118-gallon solar-electrical storage tank. Purchase the shelf top model if you want a device that will adequately match the kitchen plan while also providing more countertop space. One of three possible versions is used to provide hot water in prefabricated houses and recreational vehicles.

 Most of the versions are the same height (tall), with the 40-gallon tank being the smallest and the 119-gallon tank being the biggest. The industry-leading guarantee for electric-powered water heaters is six years, although the better version comes with eight or ten decades of coverage. Focus on high versions with self-cleaning features to lessen the chance of dirt development, commercial-grade anode rods or powered anodes for exceptional corrosion resistance, or built-in electronics for quicker troubleshooting when purchasing the best. You may also be interested to know about american standard water heates.


#2. American gas-powered water heater

 American gas water heaters, like their electric counterparts, are manufactured in the United States and come with warranties of 5, 7, or 10 years. Only short and tall variants with sizes ranging from 20 to over 70 gallons were offered in dimensions and capabilities. Some versions may be utilized in tiny houses, albeit primarily designed for household and small business uses. Moreover, gasoline versions are classified into factory-built models that use natural or propane gasoline. Based on the venting choice, you may choose between the direct vent, power vent, and power direct vent model. 

Explicit vent versions include a variety of venting choices, including vertical venting through the rooftop or horizontal venting through the outer wall. Because of the heater’s covered combustion process, combustion air is pulled from the outside. The exhaust gases are moved by a powered blower in the power vent version, whereas the gases are driven by a flue or natural convection in the ambient model. The suggested models are energy-efficient and Energy Star-certified.

They have an intelligent control logic system, a self-powered gas control valve featuring diagnostics, a powered anode, modern electronics, and user-friendly capabilities. Tankless innovation is the appropriate choice for the house if you desire a gadget that warms water on desire and gives a limitless supply without worrying about how much water is available for other consumers. While looking for the most OK American gasoline water heater, consider the following elements: the most commonly used storage capacity is the 50-gallon gasoline unit if the household size is five people with a moderate to low demand. If there’ll be a high demand for hot water for more than two family members, designs with a tank capacity of more than 50 gallons or variants with a greater than average recovery rate must be considered.


#3. American on-demand water heater

American on-demand(Tankless) water heaters were compact, dependable, and long-lasting machines that outperformed tank-type systems in terms of quality and power economy. Whether you choose a non-condensing or condensation type, you will get enough hot water but less power waste or gas emissions. Additionally, purchasers have additional alternatives with the interior and exterior setup. The firm offers a multi-year warranty with built-in quality components and elements, unique features, and modern electronics, with the majority of the parts being interchangeable. The American provides a variety of versions for various home sizes, with a peak flow of water of 10 Gallon per minute(GPM).


It’s A Wrap!

We are glad to know that you have learned who makes American water heater. AO. Smith now owns American water heaters, and the company provides a wide range of water heaters. We also discuss some standard categories of American water heaters. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to clean water heater and how to fix water heater. Thank you, friends, for staying with us.

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