Who Make An Adjustable Bed Foundation? 5 Best Answers!

Many of you are curious about who make an adjustable bed foundation that will work with the regular bed frame.

By dividing this question into sections, we can provide you all the information you need and satisfy your curiosity.

who make an adjustable bed foundation

Adjustable beds have been popular these days because of their unique characteristics that can give you maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Some of them are adjusted manually, and some are technologically advanced.

Resume reading to know more about adjustable beds and their capacities.

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Who Makes An Adjustable Bed Foundation?

Adjustable beds can give us optimum comfort and can relieve our pain.

You may elevate the head or foot of the bed depending on your preferences, which will help you achieve comfortable sleep.

But, we still have a lot of knowledge to know about this type of bed.

So, we have gathered some of the most interesting facts and answers to adjustable beds.

Such as who make an adjustable bed foundation that will work with a regular bed frame?

And here they are:


Question #1. What are adjustable beds?

They say that an adjustable bed is one of the tickets to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Adjustable beds are first designed for hospital beds.

Which allows healthcare professionals and patients to adjust their beds depending on their comfort and convenience.

We can adjust its elevation manually or through remote control.

Today, adjustable beds have advanced features, such as massage functions, timers, USB ports, and many more.

Since they contain various features, they also have different prices depending on how complex their technology is and the materials used to make it.

Fun fact! Did you know that aside from improving sleep conditions, these beds can help improve digestion?

It also helps reduce snoring and sleep apnea!

Isn’t that amazing?

Maybe, this is the sign for you to purchase one!


Question#2. Who makes an adjustable bed foundation?

We can find these foundations in hardware and mattress stores.

However, make sure that before buying adjustable beds, you did some research about the stores near your area.

Some of these brands might not have the technology and equipment to provide you an adjustable bed.

So instead, they only sell regular bed frames.

So, who makes this adjustable bed base?

We have found some of the most best-reviewed adjustable bed brands in 2021.

For overall reliability and comfort, Nectar adjustable bed frames should be the one for you.

In addition, some beds have a massage feature, such as Amerisleep’s adjustable bed.

Dynasty DM9000s series can provide you and your mattress more support.

These reviews have been proven by testers of various weights and types of sleepers.

These brands are just some of the most well-known makers of adjustable beds.

Visit this article for more reviews about adjustable beds.


Question #3. Can an adjustable bed foundation work with a regular bed frame?

An adjustable bed foundation mostly looks like a stiff and reliable piece of foam.

Since the mattress used is made of either memory foam, latex foam, or airbeds, they are usually paired with adjustable beds because they can be bent and flexed.

Will this work with a regular bed frame?

Yes, adjustable bed bases have various sizes depending on the size of the mattress, which can fit your typical bed frame.

Most of the foundations come with support legs or pre-made frames that you can easily detach.

With this, you can use your regular bed frame for your adjustable bed.

It’s not surprisingly difficult to transfer this onto your bed frame.

Once you have detached your adjustable bed, you can directly assemble and place it on top of your frame.

Note that you need something to seal the adjustable base to your frame and prevent it from sliding off.


Question #4. Do adjustable beds need a bed frame?

Yes, adjustable beds need a bed frame that can support its weight and the person using it.

You don’t need to buy adjustable bed frames, and you can even use your original bed frame.

However, some adjustable beds have advanced features and include controls and settings on their bed frame.

So, you have to focus on your priorities.

If you happen to own an antique bed frame and you don’t think it could support your adjustable base, then invest in the frame.

On the other hand, if you wish to purchase a bed with massage features, inevitably, we cannot detach the base from its original frame.

Knowing these things could help you save money and be practical.


Question #5. How long do these beds last?

It depends on the brand, the material and technology it is made of, and its usage.

Some regular metal beds rust quickly, but adjustable bed frames are primarily made of sturdy steel fabric and plastic.

As a result, they could last for about ten years and are very reliable.

However, despite their strength, most users experience similar problems regarding the mattress.

Because of its ability to be folded and bent, it can wear off instantly.

But you can replace this with any flexible foam or specialized mattress designed for adjustable beds.

These mattresses can last longer than ordinary ones.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope we have answered your question about who make an adjustable bed foundation that will work with the regular bed frame.

In conclusion, we can find these adjustable foundations anywhere because of their increasing popularity.

We can place it on our regular bed frame as long as it’s the right size.

To learn more about adjustable beds, click here!

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